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Incomplete Grades

  • According to University policy, an incomplete grade can be given only when, due to circumstances beyond the student’s control, the student is unable to complete the class. The policy also requires that an incomplete grade must be removed by the Wednesday of the fourth week of the next quarter that the student is in residence. It is the policy of the IIC Program that this deadline for removal of incompletes may be extended only with the written permission of the instructor of the course, along with a scheduled date of completion, and a copy of such permission must be submitted to the IIC director.

    Failure to remove the incomplete on time or to have the deadline extended will result in a grade being turned in for the student reflecting the grades received on all completed course work averaged with zeros for the incomplete work. Incompletes that extend for one year are automatically converted to an ‘F’ and students must make a special petition to the original instructor to determine if this can be changed. Finally, students with two or more incompletes must receive approval from the IIC director to take an additional incomplete. Requests for additional incompletes will be submitted in writing, with proper rationale, to the IIC director, and must be supported by the course instructor.

    To remove an incomplete, the student must complete a Change of Incomplete form obtained online from the DU Registrar’s website. The student must submit the form along with the work required to make up the incomplete to the course instructor.

    For students who are near graduation, please refer to the Schedule of Deadlines for removing incompletes. Persons not meeting these deadlines will automatically be delayed one quarter in receiving their degree.

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