• Description

  • Our group uses 3-D Monte Carlo radiative transfer techniques to simulate the interaction of light from stars and supernovae with surrounding configurations of circumstellar gas.  We create these simulations at DU's parallel computing facility and compare them with observations from the world's most powerful telescopes.

    Undergraduates in this group work as a team in an implementation of the Collaborative Research Experience for Undergraduates (CREU) pioneered by the Committee on the Status for Women in Computing Research.  This program has been supported by DU's Professional Research Opportunities for Faculty (PROF) fund and the National Science Foundation.

  • People

  • Jennifer Hoffman, PI

    Leah Huk, Graduate Research Assistant

    Manisha Shrestha, Graduate Assistant

    Andrew Fullard, Graduate Research Assistant

    Anterra Kennedy, Undergraduate Assistant

    Ryan Ninesling, Undergraduate Assistant

  • Alumnae

  • Gina Eldridge

    Stasia Erickson

    Cheridan Harris

    Alisha Humphries

    Naomi Pequette

    Charee Peters  (BS thesis, June 2011)

    Thienbao Nguyen

    Jessica Starr

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