Solution Prototype

  • We propose that our final solution prototype be largely based on our initial prototype 1 but with some additional modifications. These modifications take into account the feedback we received from our stakeholders. Like before, the schools will partner with grocery stores in order to provide food for the class. The school will partner with a variety of different stores so that each grocery store has the opportunity to get involved in nutrition education as well as reduce their individual food waste rates. This partnership enables the school to provide students with hands-on nutrition education. This interactive, holistic experience begins with a new nutritional food of the week being introduced in the classroom. Students are then taught about the nutritional facts surrounding the food as well as different recipes that involve the food item. After learning about it, the students then get the opportunity to try the food. This shows students that healthy foods can be delicious! After tasting the food, the students are then sent home with a recipe that incorporates the food. They are assigned to recreate this recipe with their parents and/or guardian(s) to truly create an integrated experience. The recipe not only directs the students as to how to cook the food of the week, but it also gives a brief overview regarding how much each item costs as well as alternatives and substitutes to account for dietary restrictions and allergies. Each recipe is designed to be affordable and convenient in order to take into account demographic differences between the students. After recreating the recipe, the students and parents have to reflect upon the experience. They are asked to answer questions such as “Did you like the food?” “Would you eat it again?” “Was the recipe easy to make?” “Would you serve this again?” These questions ensure teachers can gain student and caregiver engagement. They also serve as a conduit that allows students and caregivers to self-reflect about how accessible nutritious food is and how it can be incorporated into a family’s diet. 


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