Suggested Next Steps

  • The current lack of quality nutrition education within the U.S. Education system can result in determinantal future health outcomes. Ensuring that students get quality, holistic, and integrated nutrition education is of the utmost importance. In order to create such an education system, there is still additional information and questions that need to be found and answered. 

    We need to find more research regarding effective ways to teach nutrition education. The current state of nutrition education provides students with a superficial academic insight into healthy dietary habits. Creating a curriculum that engages and effectively educates students is a central and critical component of improving the system. Understanding what currently works well and what should be added in order to foster this systemic improvement will require additional information. We must utilize government resources, such as statistics published through the Colorado Department of Education, as well as blogs and other editorials published by school, teachers, businesses, and nonprofits to gain a holistic perspective. 

    The idea of utilizing resources created by other stakeholders provides us with the opportunity to continue to identify and reach out to more stakeholders to gain the perspective and expertise surrounding this topic. Ensuring that we gain stakeholder perspectives on this topic is of the utmost importance since they have first-hand experience regarding nutrition education. Asking questions about their own nutrition education journey as well as what they have observed within the nutrition education system are important components to integrate when creating a solution to this problem. 

    This research will then be used to find and contact additional nonprofits and businesses who are already helping in effectively incorporating nutrition education into schools. Partnering with these entities would ensure that the solution we come up with is one that integrates nutrition into the academic curriculum. It is vital that an abundance of research is conducted to understand the organization and its nutrition-related goal(s). Partnering with an established organization could prove to be a more effective solution because of the existing influence they hold. Furthermore, these organizations understand the multifaceted nature of this issue and will provide us guidance as we craft our solution. Engaging in additional research that helps us answer our questions will be an important next step in creating an effective solution.

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