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  • This project focuses on the influence of money in political campaigns. The goal of this portfolio is to present evidence about the problem of the influence of money in elections, evaluate what is being done to mitigate the problem currently and finally to suggest a better business solution to the issue. Through this portfolio a clear path for future business action related to this problem will be established. 

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  • Jake Campbell
    Jake Campbell

    Hi, my name is Jake and I am from Des Moines, Iowa. I am an International Business student with a minor in Entrepreneurship here at DU. In my free time I enjoy skiing, golfing, and spending time with my family. Since I was young I have had an interest in politics and foreign affairs which has led me into my degree here at DU.

  • Katie Chappell
    Katie Chappell

    Hi, my name is Katie and I am from Nashville, Tennesee. I am a Finance major with a minor in Business Information and Analytics here at DU about to go into my senior year. I transferred to DU from University of Miami and have fallen in love with Denver. I enjoy skiing, traveling, scuba diving and spending time friends and family. I have been interested in politics since high school when I was a part of the young democrats club and have continued my interest in politics, taking part fundraising for some candidates as well. 

  • Nick Lippman
    Nick Lippman

    Hi, my name is Nick and I am a sophmore BIA student at the University of Denver. When I am not taking on big money in the political world, I love mountain biking, skiing, and fly fishing in the mountains. I am from Glenwood Springs, Colorado and chose DU because I couldn't see myself living anywhere except Colorado.

  • Teresa Pomrening
    Teresa Pomrening

    Hi, my name is Teresa and I am from Denver, Colorado. I am a Hospitality major with a concentration in lodging real estate, and I am going into my senior year at DU. I enjoy snowboarding, spending time outdoors and traveling across the country to various music festivals. I have a passion for politics, and I have seen the topic of ineffective government become more prevalent in society today. 

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