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  • Overview

    DU Portfolio is a homegrown system that was built by the Office of Teaching and Learning around 2003. The original developers are no longer affiliated with the university and the system is currently in a support only phase. This means that we are unable to provide significant updates to the system, limiting user experience and necessary maintenance. The OTL and IT are working to replace the current DU Portfolio system with a combination of existing offerings and new platforms.  

  • Alternative Solutions

    DU Portfolio is utilized for many different use cases across campus. Through survey responses, focus groups, and individual conversations, the project team identified the following common use cases Course ePortfolio, Display Research Activity, Professional Portfolio, Departmental Website/Community Profile/Intranet, Committee/Accreditation, and Academic Program Management.  

    If you are faculty or staff using DU Portfolio for another use case (intranet, community profile, committee, accreditation), theIT Software Adoption team has identified potential replacements for your needs, visit the DU Portfolio Replacement page for more information, including how to schedule a consultation to discuss your options for transitioning away from DU Portfolio.

  • Project Timeline

    Summer 2021 

    Fall 2021 

    Winter 2022 

    Project Sponsors begin planning, develop goals, and initiate campus-wide strategy conversations. 

    Executive Sponsors, Steering Committee, and Project Team identified, representing programs across campus.  

    Provost announced plan to decommission DU Portfolio.  

    User feedback collected from 86 respondents to campus-wide survey.  

    Focus groups conducted for identified use cases with more than 200 participants.  

    RFP developed by the Project Team and reviewed by the Steering Committee and sent to six vendors. 

    Spring 2022 

    Summer 2022 

    Fall 2022 

    Attendees provided feedback on the final three platforms. 

    Conduct accessibility, budget, and technical vetting for top platform choice 

    Identify additional software needs and begin procurement process for Intranet and LMS use cases  

    If applicable, procurement of new software for alternative use cases  

    Spring- Summer 2023 

    Fall 2023-Spring 2024 

    Summer 2024 

    IT support provided for other use cases' adoption of existing and new solutions 

    Training provided by OTL for new curricular ePortfolio platform 

    Continued training and support for all use cases in preparation for decommission 

    DU Portfolio decommissioned 


  • Contact Us

    We understand that this transition is complex and user-specific. If you have reviewed the content on this page and still have questions, please contact us at

  • Project Team

    Executive Sponsors 

    The role of the Executive Sponsors is to set the strategic direction, identify financial resources, act as project champion with constituents across campus, provide conceptual oversight and support, and conduct quarterly check-ins with the steering committee. 

    Mary Clark, Provost; Russ Kaurloto, IT VC/CIO 


    Steering Committee  

    The role of the Steering Committee is to identify resources for the project, monitor adherence to the timelines, act as a project champion, guide project implementation, provide project oversight, and participate in bi-monthly meetings. 

    Rohini Ananthakrishnan, ITLeslie Alvarez, OTL; Deana Ahmad, GSSW; Dennis Becker, RegistrarCindy Cragg, University College; Carrie Forbes, Libraries; Jennifer Karas, Academic Affairs; Nic Ormes, NSM; Laura Sponsler, Morgridge; Kara Taczak, Writing Program; Kate Willink, VPFA; Nicholle Zarkower, SAIE 

    Project Team 

    The role of the Project Team is to develop and adhere to the project plans, manage project scope, lead and coordinate working groups, ensure process documentation is complete and consistent, ensure training is schedule and available, ensure the communication plan is followed, and ensure resolution of problems, issues, and change requests. 

    Debra Krems, IT; Bobby Baca, IT/OTL/VPFA; Jill Fisher, IT; Megan Haskins, OTL; Katherine Haywood, IT; Darren Moitzfield, IT; Paul Riola, IT; John Staiert, IT; Heather Tobin, OPS; Gohar Tovbis, IT 


  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Why are we replacing DU Portfolio? 

    A: DU Portfolio is a home-grown platform created in 2003 that the university no longer updates and is no longer sustainable for continued long-term use. It was developed in a time when few viable options for ePortfolios, intranets, and file sharing repositories existed. DU does not have the capacity to address a major failure event and/or possible security vulnerabilities. 

    Q: How will the replacement/s be selected? 

    A: After gathering stakeholder feedback through surveys and focus groups, the team has identified the most common use cases for DU Portfolio. By Fall 2022, the team will publish suggested alternatives as well as training and support offerings.  

    Q: How can I determine if DU currently supports a platform that would accomplish my goals?

    A: Start by reviewing the IT Software Catalog. Click on individual software icons to read more about what it offers and view available training opportunities. Many of these trainings are prerecorded and can be viewed at any time. 

    Q:When will DU Portfolio be replaced? 

    Because DU portfolio is a homegrown system, we do not need to worry about an impending end to a contract. Because we anticipate the needs of DU Portfolio being met by multiple platforms, some which already exist, you may begin moving resources to already-existing repositories at any time. For course-based ePortfolios, we anticipate launching its replacement in Winter 2023. We intend to de-commission DU portfolio completely by approximately summer 2024.  

    Q: What is the plan for transitioning to new platform/s? 

    A: Training and support will be provided in advance of new platform adoption. For already-existing platforms, we anticipate beginning training campaigns in Fall 2022. Training for replacement technology will be provided as those platforms are adopted.  


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