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  • DLC Program Review Criteria

  • What programs should be presented to the Distance Learning Council for review? 

    1. Degree programs through which a student can earn the entire degree at a distance. These are of greatest concern and have accreditation implications for the university’s agreement with the Higher Learning Commission.


    1. Any degree program through which a student can earn 50% or more of the degree through distance/online courses.


    1. Any academic certificate that is not part of an existing pre-approved distance/online degree program where a student can earn 50% or more of the certificate through distance/online courses.
  • DLC Program Review Forms

  • Important Information for Academic Representatives Bringing proposals to DLC

    Academic representatives bringing proposals to DLC should review the following 3 documents below:

    DLC Proposal Form

    DLC Procedures for Reviewing Proposals

    DLC Program Review Rubric


  • DLC Proposal Form (Word)

    This DLC Proposal Form includes a summary of the types of questions you will be asked to address in the online program proposal system when you enter your proposal to go to Graduate or Undergraduate Council. The committee will ask additional questions as is relevant.


  • DLC Procedures for Reviewing Proposals (Word)

    This document outlines the Distance Learning Council process for reviewing proposals. 

  • DLC Program Review Rubric (Word)

    This rubric is a companion to the proposal form. The purpose is twofold:

    • to provide new applicants with a set of guidelines regarding expectations for the program
    • to offer an efficient way to evaluate the program under review
  • Potential Questions for DLC Review Meeting

    Academic Unit representatives bringing proposals to DLC may also wish to review and come prepared to answer the questions outlined in the Potential Questions for DLC Meetings.docx document. The committee will treat this as an organic conversation, so it is not necessary that you prepare answers for these questions ahead of time, though you are certainly welcome to. 

  • Procedures for Proposing Units

  • If your program meets the criteria for Distance Learning Council (DLC) review, follow the steps below.

    Step 1

    Review the DLC Proposal Form and DLC Program Review Rubric for a set of guidelines and expectations for online/distance programs.

    Step 2

    Submit your proposal through the online program proposal system and select distance as the delivery mode. When you select distance, you will be asked to answer additional questions commensurate with the DLC Proposal Form. You have have already submitted your online program proposal. If so, that is fine; the order of submission does not matter. 

    Visit the Curriculum Change portfolio page for instructions on accessing the online program proposal system.

    Step 3

    After completing the online proposal, you will be contacted by the chair of the Distance Learning Council to schedule a time to present the program to the Distance Learning Council for review (allow 2 weeks).

    Important: The online proposal system is new and there may be a delay in notifying the DLC chair. You may contact the DLC chair to notify her that you have submitted a new proposal. 

    Step 4

    Present your proposal to the DLC.  Your presentation should include a  sample syllabus from the proposed program and a brief "tour" of two example online courses from the program. The presentation will be followed by Q&A from the DLC committee members. DLC members will discuss the proposal immediately following the presentation.

    **NOTE: It matters not whether you present at Undergraduate/Graduate Council or DLC first--so long as they both happen.

    Step 5

    After reviewing the materials submitted and the proposal presentation, the Distance Learning Council will approve the program, approve the program with recommendations, or ask for a resubmission of the program at a future meeting.

    Contact the DLC Chair, Dr. Allison Friederichs at if you have questions about submitting a proposal for DLC review.

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