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      What do I need to know about University College?

      BACP (Bachelor of Arts Completion Program) is nationally ranked in the top 25 of online programs. University College has been offering online programs since 1996, one of the first programs to start online learning.

      Where is University College?

      Student services are located at 2211 S. Josephine St (between Warren and Iliff, across from the International House). Administration is located in University Hall on the top floor.

      Where are classes held?

      Sturm Hall on the DU Campus (across the street from the Chambers Center)

      Who are University College Students?

      Largest graduate school at DU (about 1500 students); Working professionals; Adult learners.

      Advising and Registration

      Who is my advisor?

      Lydia Supplee will continue as your Academic Advisor. Michele Tyson will also be continuing on as Director of Academic Services part-time at University College, and is available for some advising.

      What classes are being offered?

      Each student’s plan according to what they need is mapped out “on paper” through spring of 2020. Please meet with Lydia Supplee to learn more about your plan. The CWC degree plans are moving over to University College, but if there is a course in your plan that has an equivalent course offering at University College, you will see the University College course in your degree plan. Most students will see a combination of CWC and UCOL classes on their plans, and it will vary by major.

      Common Curriculum - Most courses will be replaced with UCOL substitutions, with a few exceptions (ex. language and ASEM).

      ITS - Most of your major courses will be UCOL courses.

      LAS - UCOL does not have as many equivalents, so most of your major courses will be CWC courses.

      Business - The program continues to be administered through the Daniels faculty and curriculum but there will be some equivalent UCOL courses.

      Communication – most of your major electives will be UCOL courses.

      For minors, there will be a combination of CWC and UCOL equivalent courses as well. The LAS and GWST minors are being phased out, but if you are still completing your minor we have made note of that in your plan.

      How will I know which classes I need?

      The 2016-2017 Schedule has been determined, please see Lydia Supplee for registration and advising. 

      Course Delivery

      Where will my classes be held?

      Most UCOL courses will be held in Sturm or entirely online; CWC courses will continue to be held in the Chambers Center. 

      Student Billing

      What is the rate of tuition and fees?

      The rate for continuing CWC students is frozen at $523 per credit hour, even for UCOL equivalents on your plan. On your bill, you will see a charge for the UCOL tuition rate of $590, and then a credit called the “CWC Rate Adjustment”. This credit amounts to $67 per credit hour so that you are charged the $523 rate. Other than this credit, the bills will be the same as before (same timelines, etc)

      No student fee – this was $90 per quarter

      Tech fee – this will continue to be charged at $4 per credit.

      How can I get financial assistance?

      Financial aid will be determined by the FAFSA, as it has been in the past. Nothing is changing here, so please continue to do your FAFSA each year.

      The scholarship process will be the same, where once per year we put out an application for the next year’s scholarship funding. The University has provided more financial support than in the past to support CWC students’ completion of their undergraduate degrees.

      Michele will be the liaison with financial aid and the student contact for questions regarding scholarships and financial aid beginning with summer quarter.

      Chambers Center

      Can I still use the Chambers Center?

      Yes!  The building hours will be 7am-10pm on weekdays and from 7am-5:30pm on weekends to be in alignment with University policy and protect student safety.

      Can I still reserve a study rooms at Chambers?

      Current CWC students will still be allowed to use and reserve study/conference rooms.

      Student Services

      Lydia Supplee and Michele Tyson will maintain office hours in the Chambers Center. Because they will not be working full-time in one location, it will be especially important to confirm appointments rather than plan on walk-in appointments. Michele and Lydia will have the same phone number and email.


      All tutoring resources are FREE for students!

      Writing Tutoring
      Tutor: Dr. Charlotte Quinney
      When: Mondays, 4:30-5:30pm
                 Thursdays, 5:00pm-7:00pm
      Dates: September 19-November 17
      Room: Chambers Center 242
      *Drop in or by appointment at

      Accounting Tutoring
      Tutor: Anna Spalding
      When: Tuesdays, 4pm-6:00pm
      Dates: September 6-November 15
      Room: Chambers Center 160

      Addtional tutoring resources:


      Pioneer Resource Center (PRC):

      Fall Quarter, 2016 Hours:

      Mondays – 4:30pm-8:30pm

      Tuesdays – 4:30pm-8:30pm

      Wednesdays – 4:30pm-8:30pm

      Thursdays – 4:30-8:30pm

      Fridays – No staff

      Saturdays – 7:00am-1:30pm

      Sundays – No staff

      *On weekends, DU Classroom Services is also available between 10am-4pm at 303.871.3595 or 13595 from a campus phone.


      This will continue to be provided on evenings when there is class. We will not be providing weekend meals or evening snacks, however, since those were paid for out of student fees which are no longer being charged to CWC students.

      Other Questions:

      Who will be my point of contact moving forward?

      Lydia Supplee and/or Michele Tyson


      --UCOL faculty are required to submit their syllabi to students one week prior to the start of the quarter. Syllabi will not be posted on Portfolio.

      --Check email for communications, including BACP newsletter.

      --Check University College website for dates and deadlines.

      What happens to student ID number and cards?

      Student ID numbers will stay the same and ID cards will not need to be changed.

      What will happen to some of the recent CWC traditions? 

      Half the Sky Fair

      Has been picked up by the annual DU Women’s Conference and will continue each year.

      Hanging of the Greens

      We believe this is worthwhile to keep doing, and we’ll definitely do it next year and will add in the new scholars as they graduate in a few years too.


      We have green and white cords for students to wear at graduation starting this spring. This will carry on the legacy of CWC.

      In the spring and summer commencement ceremonies, CWC graduates will walk separately in the commencement ceremony and be listed under Colorado Women’s College in the commencement program.

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