• GSSW Field Education Training Program Overview

    We have three overarching themes for our training program: Education, Support, and Connection. We want to provide an educational experience related to best practices for field instruction. We want to support you and your agency as you work to educate and mentor our students. And finally, we want to connect YOU, not only with the students and with our field program, but also with the Graduate School of Social Work and the University of Denver.

    Our training program has multiple components. We offer basic trainings for new field instructors, specialized trainings for professional development opportunities, and we launched an online basic training program in July 2015. In the past 5 years, we have provided some type of training to over 1,780 community members and we’re not even close to stopping!  

    We have several goals for our training program that we build upon every year including but not limited to the use of technology to increase access to trainings, increased collaborative efforts with other programs within GSSW and the community, and continually providing innovative content that supports social work values and ethics.

    We welcome the opportunity to work with other DU programs and the larger community. In the true spirit of the DU 2025 Strategic Plan, we want our training program to “transcend silos” and “serve the public good”.

    For more information about our training program, please contact field@du.edu 


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