• About Me

  • My Role and CV

    I conceptualize my role as an academic DJ who choreographs assessment and accreditation in harmony with the everyday work of students, faculty, and staff. On any given day, you will find me delivering consultations and facilitating "Assessoramas" about meaningful and manageable assessment, providing guidance for faculty and staff about grant writing, designing institutes to help units develop a strategic plan for curricular renewal, training faculty and staff to serve as assessment consultants, or conducting accreditation activities as a Higher Learning Commission peer reviewer. I enjoy collaborating with colleagues to amplify the amazing work we do at DU, and I love helping staff and faculty discover the transformative potential of assessment.

    *For more information, here you will find my CV and 3-page résumé (updated March 2021).*

  • My Background

    Over the course of my 15-year career, I have led higher education initiatives in both student affairs and academic affairs units, coordinated PR campaigns in local government agencies, acquired over $2 million dollars in grant monies, and authored collaborative publications about education research. My commitments grow from long-standing passions to help people thrive and learn with their head, heart, and hands.

  • When I'm Not at Work

    In my moonlighting hours, I am the principal investigator and founder of Data Luminaries, a small boutique firm through which I conduct external evaluations. My hobbies include singing karaoke, practicing yoga, traveling with my life partner of 20 years, and cuddling with Licorice, my 100-lb dog we adopted from a non-profit organization.

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