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  • • A Preponderance of Evidence (2018; ca. 8’00”). A multimedia collaboration with video artist Leanna Kirchoff, on the subject of climate change. Funded by a grant from the Creative Arts Materials Fund. (In progress.)

    • Against the Odds (2017; 4’00”), for clarinet with prerecorded sounds. For “Electroacoustic & Beyond, Vol. 2, from RMN Classical, London.

    • A recurrent dream while driving west near Sand Creek (2017; 9’36”). A multimedia collaboration with video artist Leanna Kirchoff. Selected for events in Buenos Aires, Taipei, Daegu, Pueblo, and Denver.

    • A Frog, A Fish, A Dragon (2016; 4’00”), for Eiko Morikawa, soprano; Kaori Fujii, bass clarinet; and Chris Malloy, piano. Premiered at the Nagoya University of the Arts.

  • • Operation Deep Pockets (2016; 6'00"). A multimedia contemplation of events during the Vietnam War. Selected for events in Hamburg, Belfast, Derry, Coventry, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Taipei, Nagoya, and Denver.

    • A Celestial Breath (2015; 8'00"), for clarinet and laptop. Commissioned by Celeste Case-Ruchala.

    • The Crimson and the Gold (2015; 2'00"), for SATB chorus. This is the University of Denver's alma mater.

    • A Higher Place (2014; 18'00"), for chamber orchestra. Premiered by members of the Colorado Symphony on February 16, 2014.

    • Hammers and Nails, for piano and guitar (2013; 9'00"), commissioned by Heidi and Jonathan Leathwood.

    • Music for Kids Play Math, an interdisciplinary software development project funded by Head Start (2012).

    • The Harmony of Opposites (2011; 10’00”),for viola and harp, commissioned by Duo Esprit (violist Basil Vendryes and harpist Ann Marie Liss).

    • One Variation on the Sussex Mummers Carol (2011; 3'00"), for wind ensemble.

    • The Round Side of the Moon (2010; 11'00"), for piano and percussion orchestra. Premiered on May 18 at the University of Denver’s Hamilton Recital Hall.

    • Sur un Ton d’une Légende (2009; 4'00"), for solo piano. Premiered on May 22 at Musikakademie Rheinsberg, at Rheinsberg Castle, in Brandenburg, Germany, by pianist SooJin Anjou.

    • Emily and the Nightingale, for cello with narrator (2009; 20'00"). Commissioned by Carol Tarr. Premiered at Seattle Pacific University.

    • A Moment of Colossal Abundance, for solo guitar (2009; 5'00"). For Ricardo Iznaola.

    • Duel for cello and guitar (2008; 9'00"). Commissioned by Jonathan Leathwood and Richard vonFoerster for performance at the University of Denver on September 25, and at the Denver Art Museum on September 26.

    • Octopus Gamelan, for percussion quartet (2007; 9'00"). Premiered on January 24 at a Faculty Artist Concert in the University of Denver's Hamilton Hall. Awarded 2nd Place in the LSU Percussion Society’s national competition for small ensemble works.

    • Music for Squeezed (2006), an on-line game designed to generate interest in the plight of migrant farm workers. Sponsored by mtvU. Winner of the "Best Future Game Talent" prize at the 2006 Future Play conference in London, Ontario.

    • Why Are Things So Quiet? (2006; 4'45"). Computer generated sounds, derived from phone conversations of Lyndon Baines Johnson and Robert McNamara in August of 1964. Source recordings from the LBJ Library at the University of Texas were provided through the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia.

    • The Gliding Intervals (2006; 4'15"). Computer generated sounds, integrating text-to-singing and Max/MSP, in which a JavaScript algorithm regulates fuzzy correlations between voice leading and the durations of tones. Selected for the Sonorities 2007 Festival of Contemporary Music in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

    • Strange Attractors, Indeed, for piano and percussion (2005; ca. 14'00"). Premiered by John Kinzie and Alice Rybak in Hamilton Hall.

    • Millions of Mischiefs (I. Julia Sets, II. Unguarded Moments, III. Primitive Contraptions), for 10-string guitar (2005; ca. 9'00"). Premiered by Jonathan Leathwood at the North Carolina School of the Arts, with a UK premiere at the Guildford International Music Festival in March 2006.

    • Cold Light, for piano and CD (2004; ca. 6'30"). Premiered by the composer at a Faculty Artist Concert in Hamilton Hall. South American premiere by John Aylward and the east coast composers ensemble at the Universidade Estadual de Campinas Campinas in São Paulo, Brazil in November 2006. Selected for the NWEAMO 2007 International Festival of Electro-Acoustic Music.

    • Metal Narrative, for ten trumpets in any single key (2004; ca. 5'00"). Commissioned by the International Trumpet Guild.

  • • Lullaby, for chorus (2003; ca. 3'30"). Premiered by the Walnut Hill Concert Choir.

    • Z-Tones, for viola and CD (2002; ca. 5'00"). Premiered at the Boston Cyberarts Festival by Mary Ruth Ray. Subsequent performances by Basil Vendryes.

    • Atlantic Melody, for solo violin (2002; ca. 5'30"). Commissioned by David Fulmer for performances in Freiburg and Baltimore. Subsequent performances in Denver by Yumi Hwang-Williams.

    • Vague de Chaleur, for orchestra (2001; ca. 8'30"). Commissioned by the Music on the Hill Orchestra.

    • Passacaglia for Chorus and Whale (2001; ca. 4'30"). Premiered by the Walnut Hill Concert Choir.

    • One Variation on a Theme by Mozart, for orchestra (2000; ca. 1'15"). Commissioned by the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra.

    • Behind the Scenes (1999; ca. 9'15"). For flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano, premiered by the Auros Group for New Music. Also performed by Gemini.

    • Nubble Light (1999; ca. 5'00"). For piano, premiered by Gloria Chien. Also performed by Sarara Momokawa and Heidi Brende. Awarded 2nd Place in the 2007 New Ariel Competition.
  • • Fantasy in A (1998; ca. 6'30). For cello and piano, premiered by Laura Thielke and Chris Malloy. Also performed by Song Ie Do with Hyo Jin Lee, and by Richard vonFoerster with Chris Malloy.

    • Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (1997; ca. 18'00"). Not yet premiered.

    • Clouds Over The Ocean Floor, for orchestra (1995; ca. 8'00"). Commissioned by the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra.

    • Lunar Fanfare (1994; ca. 5'00"). For trumpet, premiered at the Warebrook Contemporary Music Festival.

    • A Winter Daydream (1994; ca. 3'00"). For piano, premiered by Chris Malloy at the NEC Contemporary Music Festival. Published in Extraordinary Measures, League of Composers/International Society for Contemporary Music.

    • Rodeo in Space (1993; 5'30"). For digital audiotape, premiered at the Warebrook Contemporary Music Festival.

  • • Flaming Donuts (1992; ca. 6'00"). For voice and piano, premiered by Chris Malloy and David Kopp at the Slosberg Recital Hall in Waltham, Mass. Subsequent performances by Chris Malloy and Felicia Brady at the Pickman Concert Hall in Cambridge, Mass, and by Elizabeth Keusch and Frank Corliss at Walnut Hill.

    • Prelude (1991; 6'15"). For digital audiotape. Premiered by Crosscurrents, at Boston College.

    • Four Winds (1990; ca. 8'00"). For wind trio (flute, clarinet, bassoon), performed at the Warebrook Contemporary Music Festival and elsewhere.

    • Three Pieces for Piano (1989; ca. 7'30"). For solo piano. Premiered at the Slosberg Recital Hall in Waltham, Mass.

    • In Her Dreams (1989; ca. 12'00"). For soprano and string quartet. Premiered by Judith Kellock and the Lydian Quartet.

    • Leroy on the Moon (1988; ca. 7'00"). For guitar and piano. Premiered at Slosberg Recital Hall in Waltham, Mass.

    • incidental music for Equus (1988). For audiotape. Premiered at Spingold Theater in Waltham, Mass.

  • • Quintet for Winds (1987; ca. 5'30"). For wind quintet. Premiered by the Pennsylvania Wind Quintet.

    • Sonata for Flute and Piano (1987; ca. 10'00"). Premiered by Linda Pecko and Chris Malloy at Penn State University.

    • Chainsaw Tips (1986; ca. 8'00"). For voice and instruments, premiered by Chris Malloy and others at Penn State University.

    • String Quartet (1986; ca. 12'30"). Premiered by the Alard Quartet at Penn State University.

    • Four Movements for Solo Trombone (1986; ca. 8'00"). Premiered by Mark Lusk at Penn State University.

    • Song (We Sing) (1985; ca. 2'30"). For mixed chorus. Numerous performances by the Boston Cecilia, the Master Singers, and the Penn State Concert Choir, in Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington.

    • Episodes for solo piano (1985; ca. 11'30"). Featured in “Autumn”, a special presentation for PBS.

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