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    I am a doctoral student at the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver and a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Research Scholar. I hold a BA in Psychology from Boston College and a MSW in Community Social Work and MA in International Human Rights from the University of Denver. My post-MSW experience includes service coordination with residents at an affordable housing community, adult protection casework, and crisis intervention. Most recently, I worked for the public health department in Spokane, Washington to coordinate early intervention services and organize community members around neighborhood health.

    Throughout my master’s programs and social work practice, I developed interest in the relationship between the physical environment and health and well-being. I am broadly interested in the social determinants of maternal and child health and am currently exploring how urban neighborhood environments impact maternal health, birth outcomes, and early childhood development. Through participatory mapping, I aim to better understand how neighborhood conditions impact maternal and child health in order to influence place-based policy interventions that center maternal expertise.

    Through my participation in the the Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Research Scholars Program, I am developing the skillset to translate my research to inform policy. I enjoy the process of crafting policy memos, policy briefs, and infographics to advance health equity. I look forward to integrating these skills into my course instruction and leveraging my research to maximize public health impact. 

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