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  • Committee Overview

  • The Expanding and Enhancing the Learning Environment cluster chairs, Jennifer Karas and Danny McIntosh, worked with the academic units, Faculty Senate and Campus Life & Inclusive Excellence to create this committee.  They invited all deans to nominate potential members, and self-nominations were also solicited.

    From Doug Hesse's first email to the Committee: 

    "We will be utterly consultative with constituencies on campus, most centrally the faculty; thoroughly informed by best thought and practice on general education across the country, both in the professional literature and in campus practice; absolutely attentive to the unique mission, position, and resources at DU; grounded in analyses of our current general education program, our campus contexts and aspirations; and open to a range of intelligent possible outcomes, with nothing predetermined at the outset.  (Pragmatism must surely and ultimately inflect any recommendations, but its entry can productively be delayed.)"
    More information? Please see the October 18, 2017, "GERI Letter to DU Faculty," a copy of which is included below.  Or contact Doug Hesse: or 1-7447.



    Doug Hesse, Chair, Professor of English and Executive Director of Writing

    Barbekka Hurtt, Teaching Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences

    Tonnett Luedtke, Director of Academic Advising

    Kateri McRae, Associate Professor of Psychology

    Nic Ormes, Associate Professor of Mathematics

    Gregory Robbins, Associate Professor of Religious Studies

    Billy J. Stratton, Associate Professor of English

    John Tiedemann, Teaching Associate Professor of Writing

    Cheri Young, Associate Professor of Hospitality


    Previous members
    Chris Coleman, Professor of Emergent Digital Practices
    Matt Rutherford, Computer Sciences
    Alejandro Ceron, Anthropology
    Alison Schofeld, Religious Studies

  • GERI Letter to DU Faculty 10-18-17.docx

  • GERI in One Page

    GERI in One Page1.docx

  • Plan for February GERI Short Design Sessions

    Minipalooza Schedule 2-11-19.docx

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