Council on Social Work Education Statement on Compensation for Internships

  • Internships are a required part of every social work graduate program.  Internships are largely unpaid as students are acting in the role of a learner, and not an independently practicing social worker.  Please read the statement on Internships by the Council on Social Work Education.  

    While unpaid internships are the norm nationwide, at GSSW, we are working to find ways to finanically support students.  Currently, a limited but growing amount of agencies offer paid internships.  Many agencies are also willing to support GSSW students in utilizing their internship as their work-study job site, which requires the agency to supply 30% of the work-study job salary.  Additionally, GSSW offers many Stipends for students to support them finanically through their journey.   Students may inquire with their field advisor on which agencies may offer each of these opportunities.  

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