• What is ECSEO?

    The Early Childhood Special Education Student Organization (ECSEO) is formed for students who are working towards a Master's in Early Childhood Special Education.  ECSEO is a community and home for the ECSE program. This organization is meant to help ECSE students grow in the field. The ECSEO students are members of the Division for Early Childhood of the Council for Exceptional Children to further professional development, community networking, and learn how to advocate for children with dis/abilites. 

  • Goals of ECSEO
    1. Advocate within the Early Childhood Special Education Community 
    2. Join accredited national organizations that work with the students with disabilities population 
    3. Provide opportunities for professional development 
    4. Create a community for ECSE’s 
    5. Allow students to voice issues or concerns regarding the ECSE Master’s program and current classes 
    6. Volunteer as an ECSE community at a local organization
    7. Supporting the students of the ECSE program

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