• Envision:You is a proud sponsor of the 2021 Colorado Behavioral Health & Wellness Summit.


    Who is Envision:You?

    The mission of Envision:You is to support, educate, and empower members of Colorado’s LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning) community who are living with a mental health and/or substance use disorder. The mental health challenges Envision:You are addressing have deep roots, and solutions are elusive and complex. Undeterred, we have committed ourselves to improving the mental health of Colorado's LGBTQ+ community with a multifaceted approach in collaboration with partners from around the state. 

    What do we do?

    To actuate our mission, Envision:You educates the public about and builds awareness of mental health and substance use disorders and treatments; provides education, training, and resources to expand the availability of culturally affirming treatment services; and advocates for changes to local and state-wide policies to advance equity for LBGTQ+ individuals living with mental health and substance use disorders. Envision:You also collaborates with partners and allies to enhance training, research, education, and resources to support LGBTQ+ Coloradans in achieving optimal mental health and wellbeing.

    What makes us unique?

    We are the only statewide initiative focused on addressing the behavioral health concerns of Coloradans who identify as queer or a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

    We are committed to addressing the behavioral health concerns of Coloradans living in rural, frontier and mountain communities as well as urban centers.

    We actively engage in an advocacy effort working with state and local elected officials along with staff of key state agencies to ensure the mental health concerns of LGBTQ+ individuals are considered in legislation and policies.

    We routinely conduct focus groups and surveys to assess community needs to ensure our programming is addressing the concerns of the queer community.

    We create specific programs to raise awareness within the community about behavioral health concerns. This effort will reduce stigma, lead individuals to seek resources and support, and ultimately support thousands of LGBTQ+ individuals in Colorado so they will thrive rather than just survive.

    To learn more please go to www.envision-you.org.

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