COESA (College of Education Student Association)

  • Active Policies

    • Conference Travel Reimbursement:

      COESA will reimburse students who have presented or will present at conferences up to $250, plus 50% of the remaining balance to a maximum of $500, forwarding the remainder of expenses to GSPDG for additional reimbursement provided the appropriate box is checked on the reimbursement form. COESA will reimburse students who have attended or will attend conferences without presenting up to $150, plus 50% of the remaining balance up to a maximum of $250. Use the Travel Reimbursement Application to apply for travel reimbursement (If forwarding to GSPDG, all pages must be filled out; COESA only requires Pages 1 and 2, as well as relevant receipts and proof of conference participation, if applicable). Use this link to go to the Reimbursement Forms page.

      All requests must be submitted at least five weeks prior to the end of the term. Once approved please allow 4-6 weeks for reimbursement (all funding is based on budget availability).

      Distributed on a first-come; first-served basis to students with a faculty letter attesting to their need. We will keep an running record of laptops so that we know how many we have available at a given time.

      Poster printing:
      If the dean's office approves a poster or proposal for display in Ruffatto Hall, COESA will reimburse associated printing expenses. Posters printed for presentation at conferences can be reimbursed through the travel reimbursement policies.

      Student Group Expense Reimbursement:
      All student groups will have $700 set aside each term to cover reimbursement costs for events. If this limit is exceeded, reimbursements will be approved on a case-by-case basis. If the $700 per term limit is exceeded event organizers are encouraged to submit a request for additional reimbursement approval prior to making expenditures to avoid expenses that might not be reimbursed. If you have a student group expense that you are trying to get reimbursed, please use the GSA Event Reimbursement Form Use this link to go to the Reimbursement Forms page.

      Individual Research Costs:
      COESA will not reimburse costs related to individual student research projects at this time.


  • Contact Us

    • Contact COESA at

      Drop forms and other hard copies at our mailbox in the 2nd floor galley in Katherine Ruffatto Hall.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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  • COESA Cares!

    • College

      Communication – We serve as a conduit of information for important college and university happenings, as well as providing information to and from GSAC, the Graduate Student Association Council. We also provide an avenue for graduate students to communicate their needs and ideas with each other and to the faculty, staff, and administration.

      Associations – We have been helping each of the seven departments/programs within the college to develop their own individual smaller associations to better meet the more specific needs of graduate students.

      Representation – We aim to have representation from each academic program at the Morgridge College of Education.  We want to hear from all students -- contact your representative or the COESA board with questions, ideas, and opinions at

      Events – We organize two primary college-wide events each year, a festive event in the fall and College of Education Week in the spring, in an effort to increase a sense of community between students, faculty, staff, and administration.

      Scholarship and Research – We promote scholarship and research in a broad sense by helping to increase the quality and availability of experiences for students to engage in research and scholarship within the college and beyond. We have also provided some scholarship money, in conjunction with the Dean’s office, for graduate students who present at professional conferences or are conducting thesis/dissertation research.

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