College of Education Student Association (COESA)

College of Education Student Association (COESA)

Morgridge College of Education

Morgridge College of Education

  • 2017-18 Executive Board Members

    • TBD

      To contact any of our board members,
      e-mail to their attention at


  • Graduate Student Government

    • The Graduate Student Government (GSG) is the umbrella council that represents all the Graduate Student Associations (GSAs) at the University of Denver.

      GSG has two goals at the University:

      1) Foster a sense of community among the graduate students
      2) To represent that community and its interests at DU

      GSG serves as the representative student government body to the University Community. COESA is the GSA for the Morgridge College of Education, and the direct link between MCE students and GSG. Visit GSG's website to learn more:

    • GSG Website

  • Goals of COESA

      • Represent students in all policy-making activities affecting student interests.
      • Provide students studying in the Morgridge College of Education (MCE) an opportunity to engage in collegial and social relationships with faculty, peers, and experts in the field.
      • Encourage and promote professional, intellectual, and social interaction between students, faculty, and staff.
      • Support student research.
      • Represent the Morgridge College of Education on the Graduate Student Association Council (GSAC).
      • Manage and distribute monies received through the Graduate Student Association Council.
      • Promote community within the Morgridge College of Education.
      • Augment the graduate experience for students in the Morgridge College of Education.
  • COESA Cares!

    • College

      Communication – We serve as a conduit of information for important college and university happenings, as well as providing information to and from GSAC, the Graduate Student Association Council. We also provide an avenue for graduate students to communicate their needs and ideas with each other and to the faculty, staff, and administration.

      Associations – We have been helping each of the seven departments/programs within the college to develop their own individual smaller associations to better meet the more specific needs of graduate students.

      Representation – We aim to have representation from each academic program at the Morgridge College of Education.  We want to hear from all students -- contact your representative or the COESA board with questions, ideas, and opinions at

      Events – We organize two primary college-wide events each year, a festive event in the fall and College of Education Week in the spring, in an effort to increase a sense of community between students, faculty, staff, and administration.

      Scholarship and Research – We promote scholarship and research in a broad sense by helping to increase the quality and availability of experiences for students to engage in research and scholarship within the college and beyond. We have also provided some scholarship money, in conjunction with the Dean’s office, for graduate students who present at professional conferences or are conducting thesis/dissertation research.

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