• Study Abroad Essay-Writing Workshops

    In addition to accessing these resources, consider attending a Writing Center workshop. Workshops include a presentation and discussion of strategies and concepts for writing succcessful essays, followed by individual feedback and conversations. 

    Thursday, January 10, 5-7pm, AAC 284

    Tuesday, January 15, 5-7pm, AAC 284


  • Study Abroad handout.pdf

    This handout, from the Study Abroad office, offers quick reminders about the most important parts of study abroad essays.

  • Study Abroad 2018-19.pptx

    Writing Center consultants use these slides in our workshops on writing persuasive study abroad application essays. Take a look to see some strategies and suggestions. 

  • Questions to ask about a study abroad draft.docx

    The Writing Center recommends that you use the questions in this handout to review and revise your essay. Get a friend to help!

  • Sample Study Abroad Application Essays.pdf

    The Study Abroad office provides samples of successful application essays from past years. Read with an eye toward how you would change these essays to make them work for you, and think about what moves they make that you could also make. 

  • Scoring Guide for DU Study Abroad Essays - Stude

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