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    Shaundi C. Newbolt, M.A. is a fourth year PhD student in the Communication Studies program. Her research challenges theoretical, political, social and technological limitations for inclusion of non-neurotypicals. 

    Cross-trained in both qualitative and quantitative research methods, she encourages interdisciplinary opportunities for knowledge creation and analyses. With a mixture of technical skills, collaboration, and creativity, Newbolt aims to discover new ways of advancing the field of Communication Studies. 

    Currently, Newbolt works for a reputable education research company where she utilizes her communications skills; creating internal processes for streamlining production of materials, providing technical support for virtual presentations, etc. 

  • To view select teaching documents, conference presentations, and related resources by Shaundi C. Newbolt visit my Academia.com page: https://udenver.academia.edu/ShaundiNewbolt 

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