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  • Certificate                 

    • ADMN 4829   Curriculum Issues
    • ADMN 4830   Planning for Special Populations
    • ADMN 4807   Principles of Leadership
    • ADMN 4236   School Administration:  Problem Solving
    • ADMN 4805   Personnel Issues
    • ADMN 4831   Instructional Supervision & Evaluation
    • ADMN 4801   Introduction to School Administration
    • ADMN 4832   School Improvement Process


    • CUI 4058        Teacher as Researcher
    • ADMN 4834   Seminar in Multicultural Issues
    • ADMN 4349   Action Research for School Leaders
    • ADMN 4859   Action Research Capstone

    PhD / EdD                        

    • ADMN 4821   School Reform and Current Issues
    • ADMN 4835   Curriculum/Instruction and Student Achievement
    • ADMN 4834   Seminar in Multicultural Issues
    • ADMN 4822   Leadership in Complex Systems
    • ADMN 5100   Research for School Improvement
    • CUI 4951        Intro Qualitative Research

  • 2016: Nomination to Colorado Network of Women Leaders

    2011: Selection as a Co-Chair of the 2012 UCEA Conference Planning Team

    2008-2010: Selection by an undergraduate student to serve as her Puksta Mentor

    2008: Nomination for Higher Education Resources Services (HERS) Institute

  • Resume/Vitae

  • 2016 Korach CV..pdf


    • University Council of Educational Administration (UCEA)
    • Alliance to Reform Educational Leadership (AREL)
    • American Educational Research Association Taskforce to Evaluate Educational Leadership Preparation Program Effectiveness (UCEA/TEA-SIG)
    • The Joint Research Taskforce on Educational Leadership Preparation (UCEA, TEA-SIG of AERA, Division A of AERA and NCPEA)

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