Ramsey Theory Conference

May 24-28, 2014

  • Description

    •  DU Sesquicentennial

      Ramsey Theory Conference

       University of Denver. May 24–28, 2014


      The aim of this conference is to bring together students and researchers from around the world in the field of Ramsey Theory. The focus is on structural and infinitary Ramsey theory and applications to other fields of mathematics, including Banach spaces, Boolean algebras, Set Theory, and Topological Dynamics. The conference will consist of a large number of plenary talks and contributed talks of 25 minutes. The official language of the conference is English. As part of the DU Sesquicentennial Celebration, this conference celebrates the contributions of George Boole (1815-1864) to Ramsey Theory and Boolean Algebras.


      Invited speakers (confirmed so far):

      · Antonio Aviles (Universidad de Murcia, Spain)

      · Dana Bartosova (Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil)

      · Andreas Blass (University of Michigan, USA)

      · Ari Brodsky (University of Toronto, Canada)

      · Clinton Conley (Cornell University, USA)

      · Carlos Di Prisco (Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas, Venezuela)

      · Michael Hrusak (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico)

      . Alexander Kechris (Cal Tech, USA)

      · Jean Larson (University of Florida at Gainsville, USA)

      · Brice Mbombo (Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil)

      · Lionel Nguyen Van Thé (Université d'Aix-Marseille, France) 

      · Diana Ojeda (Cornell University, USA)

      · Claribeth Piña (Université Paris Diderot, France)

      · Miodrag Sokic (University of Toronto, Canada)

      · Slawomir Solecki (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)

      · Dona Strauss (University of Leeds, UK)

      · Stevo Todorcevic (University of Toronto, Canada/ CNRS Paris, France)

      · Timothy Trujillo, (University of Denver, USA)

      · Anush Tserunyan (University of Illinois at Urbana-Campaign, USA)


      Scientific committee:

      · Natasha Dobrinen (University of Denver)
      · José G. Mijares (University of Denver)

      Organizing committee:

      · Alvaro Arias (University of Denver)

      · Natasha Dobrinen (University of Denver), Chair

      · José G. Mijares (University of Denver) 

      · Timothy Trujillo (University of Denver)




  • Submit a talk

    • If you intend to give a contributed talk, please fill here the  Abstract Submission Form. Don't forget to also fill the pre-registration form (see the Registration and Funding section).

      Submission deadline: May 1, 2014. 

  • Contact

    • If you have any questions or need any further information about the conference, please write us at ramseyconference.du@gmail.com

  • Acknowledgements

    • We thank the National Science Foundation and the DU Provost Sesquicentennial Fund for supporting a large number of our young speakers. 

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