Professional Research Opportunities for Faculty (PROF) - Application package

Professional Research Opportunities for Faculty (PROF) - Application package

  • Description

    • Professional Research Opportunity Fund (PROF)
      The PROF fund is a collaborative enterprise between the Senate, the Faculty, and the Associate Provost’s Office. The organization of the program is grounded in a commitment to peer review as the strongest mechanism for assessing the merit of proposals across the diverse academic areas of the University. The goals of the fund are to support an increase in scholarly / creative activity by the faculty in a manner that strategically enhances the reputation of the University. Applications from single investigators for up to $20,000 are welcomed. Interdisciplinary or collaborative applications from two or more investigators can request up to $30,000.


      All full-time appointed faculty members whose job responsibilities include conducting research, scholarship or creative works are eligible to apply. Proposals are reviewed on
      merit.. Review groups may not add additional criteria (support for students, preference for junior faculty, etc.) during the review process. Faculty members cannot have an active PROF grant as PI or co-PI, nor can they receive an award more than once every three years as a PI.

      Use of the Funds

      Most expenses for research, scholarship and creative activity are eligible. Depending on division level policy, applicants may be able to use awards for buy-out from teaching or for summer salary; however, no PROF funds can be used for overload during the academic year. Applications should address the production of new scholarly work rather than the presentation of work that has already been completed. Projects may include work that is supplementary to projects funded by other sources; however priority is given to seed activities for growth. PROF funds should be sufficient to accomplish the project and outcomes proposed; the project’s success cannot be contingent on receipt of additional funding. Funding may be used for students, however the DU tuition match is not available for these internally funded projects. Funds ordinarily must be spent within 24 months of the date of the grant award. If you have questions about whether your activity meets the guidelines for funding, please contact Corinne Lengsfeld, Associate Provost for Research, 303 871-4843,


      Area Review Groups

      Initial peer review of proposals will be by one of the following Area Review Groups

      Scientific Methods, Social Science Methods, Creative Works, Synthesis/Writing Projects.

      It is IMPORTANT to note that, based on the research method/approach,
      applicants must specify only one review group to evaluate their application. In other words, applicants must make a determination as to which ARG is most appropriate to review their proposal.

      For complete details of the PROF grant and information on submitting a proposal, please refer to the document available on this site. Submission Deadline: January 27, 2017 at 5:00pm.  Only one  PDF file will be accepted. Please send Electronic Copies ONLY to

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