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    • Listen to the MUSTN'TS, child,
            Listen to the DON'TS
            Listen to the SHOULDN'TS
            Listen to the NEVER HAVES
      Then listen close to me-
            Anything can happen, child,
      ANYTHING can be

  • About Me

    • Hello! I am a recent Coloradoan from the cornmaze of Indiana. 

      After earning a B.A. in psychology from Indiana University, I found that my interests were not in the realm of research but rather practice.  I became fascinated with social injustices and pondered the "why's" of the situations.  This is where I discovered the intersection of psychology and the law--forensics.   

      I am currently a first-year Master's student in the Forensic Psychology program at the University of Denver, where I hope to cultivate new perspectives and challenge old ones.  My interests span the forensic field inluding areas such as: competency assessment and restoration, police psychology, first response and deescalation strategies, and diversity and biases in trial decisions.  

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  • Professional Affiliations & Certifications

    • HIPAA Certified

      CPR/AED Certified

      Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) Certified

      FBI Death Notification Certified

      Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Treatments (ABCT), Student Affiliate



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