• Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are classes held?

    OLLI West classes are held at Jefferson Unitarian Church, 14350 West 32nd Ave (near 32nd & I-70).

    OLLI Central classes are held at Park Hill United Methodist Church, 5209 Montview Blvd, Denver, CO 80207; Brave Church, 3651 S Colorado Blvd, Englewood, CO 80113; and First Universalist Church, 4101 E Hampden Ave, Denver, CO 80222

    Link to OLLI Central: http://portfolio.du.edu/olli

    OLLI South classes are held at Valley View Christian Church, 11004 Wildfield Lane, Littleton, CO 80129 (near South Santa Fe Drive and Titan Parkway).

    Link to OLLI South:  https://portfolio.du.edu/ollisouth

    OLLI-On-Campus classes are held at Ruffatto Hall on the DU Campus, 1999 E Evans Ave, Denver, CO 80208.

    Link to OLLI on Campus:  https://portfolio.du.edu/ollioncampus

    OLLI East classes are held at Mississippi Avenue Baptist Church, 13231 E Mississippi Ave, Aurora, CO 80012.

    Link to OLLI East:  http://portfolio.du.edu/ollieast

    OLLI Boulder classes are held at Mountain View United Methodist Church, 355 Ponca Pl, Boulder, CO 80303.

    Link to OLLI Boulder:  http://portfolio.du.edu/olliboulder


    When do classes meet?

    OLLI meets for three terms during the year, each term lasts eight weeks.  The fall session begins in mid-September, the winter term begins in mid-January, and the spring term at the end of March.  Classes typically meet weekly for two hours, (either in the morning or afternoon) for anywhere from two to eight weeks depending on the course.  Special events may take place during or between terms, or on occasion in the summer.


    Who teaches the classes?

    Most are facilitated by OLLI members who have the professional knowledge of or a scholarly interest in the subjects of the classes.  Some are taught by retired faculty members, community and civic leaders and independent scholars.  Others may take place at a museum, artist’s studio, or a theater where the resident professional teaches the class.


    What is the cost?

    You become a member by paying $130 per term for unlimited classes (space available) at any of the four OLLI sites. Your membership fee is included with your tuition.  You are considered an OLLI member for any given academic year if you enroll in classes during any of the three terms.  Refunds available if requested no later than ten days into current term.


    Are there any additional costs?

    InterActive Learning activities may have a fee and some classes have materials fees.  Members are responsible for purchasing their own books. 


    Are Scholarships available?  Yes - contact susanolliwest@gmail.com.  All inquiries are confidential.


    What are the additional benefits of membership?

    Here are some of the benefits available to OLLI at DU members. For a full listing of benefits, please see the Member Benefits tab on this website.

    • Entitles you to take classes at any or all of the OLLI locations
    • Member priced participation in Summer Seminars, Hot Topic Luncheons and the annual International Symposium and Wellness Symposium
    • Receipt of the OLLI Newsletter three times per year
    • Invitations to annual social events
    • OLLI Membership Card that allows participation and discounts      
  • Below is the complete member handbook.  Click on the image to open, view and/or download the PDF file:

  • Additional FAQ's for download or print:

    To open, print and/or download the PDF, click on the double arrow icon >> in the window below -

  • OLLI Class Policy

  • Every term, OLLI West offers 40+ courses to our membership. In the spirit of fostering understanding, each OLLI member is encouraged to share opinions and ideas. OLLI class participants do not attempt to “convert” others, because there is a mutual respect for each member’s experiences, ideas, value systems and beliefs. 

    The true focus of an OLLI class is the critical examination of issues and opinions.  Each participant’s point of view carries equal weight.  Consensus is not a goal.  We encourage participants with all points of view to attend and become engaged through discussion and civil debate.

    Comments shared within the class are voiced in a professional manner, without personal attack, to preclude them from being detrimental to the learning environment.  In the event an issue arises compromising this premise, OLLI administration has the authority to remove a student or instructor from the class and/or the program.

  • OLLI West Closure Policies

  • Cancellations:  If Jefferson County Public Schools are closed due to the weather - OLLI West is closed.  

    Click on this link to check for Jefferson County School District closures:


    Inservice Days:  If JeffCo school district is closed for a teacher inservice work day during a bad weather day, there would be no announcement on the news.  In that event, this website will announce on the home page whether classes will be held or not.

    Delayed Starts: If JeffCo school district is on a delayed start due to weather, this does NOT effect OLLI West as our classes already begin at the delayed start time for the school district.

    Observed Holidays: OLLI at DU goes by the University of Denver's holiday schedule. Click on this link to see the University's calendar:


  • Extracurricular and WellAware Courses

  • Extracurricular Learning classes give members the opportunity to participate in a variety of new and interesting activities, perhaps something you may have always wanted to try, or try again.  A complement to the academic focus, Extracurricular Learning expands learning opportunities.  OLLI West is pleased to offer these programs for your enjoyment and extended learning experience.

  • We are proud to announce the inclusion of OLLI WELLAware informational and participatory classes in our curriculum. The WELLAware offerings complement the academic focus of OLLI by presenting the latest health related information combined with active group activities, like hiking or walking groups, or indoor movement classes like Pilates or yoga. Our wellness classes are listed under the WellAware course listings in the catalog and on this web site. Contact the OLLI West Curriculum Sub-Chair, Deb Bollig, with your ideas or your questions - debbollig@msn.com

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