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  • OLLI South is always looking for new facilitators!

    Facilitators are the very heart of our OLLI program. OLLI is successful because every term we have an intriguing curriculum and a "faculty" of dedicated people volunteering their time to make it happen.

    If you are interested in finding out more about facilitating at OLLI South, please contact the current Curriculum Committee Chair (found on the Site Contacts tab).

  • Important Dates for Facilitators

    Due Dates for course submittals, course descriptions, syllabus, etc. can be found on the "OLLI SOUTH MASTER CALENDAR" tab.

  • Facilitator Training

  • If you are interested in attending Facilitator Training, please contact Stuart Gentry at st.gentry@comcast.net.

    Scheduled Facilitator Training dates can be found on the "OLLI SOUTH MASTER CALENDAR" tab.

  • Facilitator Handbook. 2019

  • Facilitator Workshop 1. Course Planning

  • Facilitator Workshop 2. Delivering the Course


    How the Adult Brain Learns Presentation

    by Dr. Allison Friederichs



  • Learning Power Point

  • Workshop Training on PowerPoint

    PowerPoint  and Keynote interactive training workshops will be held each year.  

     Dates TBD

    Please contact Stuart Gentry if you wish to attend.


  • Powerpoint - Learn It

  • Powerpoint - Learn It.pptx

  • Facilitator Aides

  • Becoming an OLLI Facilitator

  • Syllabus Examples

  • Syllabus Sample 1: The Ancient Engineers

  • Syllabus Sample 2: The Battle of the Atlantic

  • Need Help with AV

  • Please check the "Admin" tab for the current IT Specialist contact information.

  • AV Classroom Set-up by Room

    Room 220.pdf

    Room 224.pdf

    Room 228.pdf

    Room 230.pdf

    Room 232.pdf

    Room 234.pdf 

  • Need Help with OLLI Portfolio?!

  • Why Use Portfolio?

    We encourage all facilitators to take advantage of Portfolio. 

    Portfolio is  a web based program that allows you to post text, pictures, or class information, links to Internet web pages, documents, or other content that is accessible to class members. It is managed by DU and OLLI facilitators can use to set up a class webpage. 

    It is a tremedous tool that will save you the time and effort from having to email information to your class. 


  • Facilitator Portfolio Step by Step Guide

    (Updated 1/26/2019)

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