• OLLI at DU Will Continue Online for WINTER 2021 -REGISTRATION BEGINS at 12:01 am on Monday, November 16, 2020

    OLLI DU Managers and Facilitators are working tirelessly to bring you a wide selection of courses virtually!  We will have 149 course offerings and 24 speaker webinars - which are set to begin in mid-January.  We will use the Zoom "enterprise" platform provided by the University of Denver.  Online Catalog and registration will be available at 12:01 am on Monday, November 16, 2020 (late Sunday night). 

    NOTE:  YOU MUST SET UP A PRO-CLASS ACCOUNT in order to register for OLLI Courses. OLLI at DU has moved to a different registration program and every registrant, no matter how long you have been an OLLI member, MUST SET UP A NEW ACCOUNT.  We highly encourage you to do this prior to registration opening on Monday, November 16 (at 12:01 am).  If you joined us for the Fall Term 2020, you do not need to set up a new account on ProClass; simply login to your OLLI account.

    SET UP OR LOGIN TO A PRO-CLASS ACCOUNT HERE: https://reg134.imperisoft.com/OLLIatDU/search/registration.aspx

    CLICK HERE for a document with STEP-BY-STEP DIRECTIONS for setting up a PRO-CLASS ACCOUNT:

    ProClass Registration Process2020-08-04 (2).docx

    CLICK HERE for a video with STEP-BY-STEP DIRECTIONS for setting up a PRO-CLASS ACCOUNT:

    Video ProClass Fall2020GetAccountMembershipFillCart.mp4

    CLICK HERE for a PowerPoint Presentation which outlines the steps to setting up a PRO-CLASS ACCOUNT:

    ProClass Training PPT 08 04 v2.pptx

    Open registration will close midnight on Sunday, August 16. After 8/17, we will begin putting members into courses. To become familiar with Zoom, please go to http://portfolio.du.edu/ollionline 


    Hello Wonderful OLLI Members,

    We have launched a new online registration system for our OLLI at DU Program entitled "ProClass."  Previously, we had been using a software package called iModules.  We made our transition to ProClass for the Summer 2020 Seminars.

    Important information:

    1. Every OLLI member will be considered a NEW member when using ProClass registration for the first time (i.e., you are NEW to this particular registration software).  This is important when you sign up for a ProClass Account. 
    2. You must sign up for a ProClass account prior to registering for classes - you can do this anytime and we recommend you do this PRIOR to open registration period (8/10 to 8/16) so you will be ready to select courses when the registration for Fall Term opens at midnight on Monday, August 10

    Follow these step-by-step instructions to sign up for a new ProClass account (you only have to do this ONCE; not each term):

    ProClass Registration Process2020-07-27.docx


  • OLLI Membership Information

  • Membership Fee

    OLLI members may participate in as many courses as desired at any of the six OLLI sites - OLLI-on-Campus, Central, East, West, South, and Boulder (contingent upon space availability) and through OLLI Online for a set registration fee of $130 per term.  OLLI has three terms per academic year: Fall, Winter, and Spring.  Each OLLI member who registers for an on-campus course will receive a free parking access card for a covered garage on the DU campus.

    The OLLI-on-Campus site provides a unique offering.  Univeristy of Denver Professors as well as other individuals representing significant aspects of the greater Denver community are the course instructors. 


  • OLLI-On-Campus Course Location

  • Ruffatto Hall
    Ruffatto Hall
  • All in-person OLLI on Campus courses will be held at the Katherine A Ruffatto Hall located on the University of Denver campus, 1999 East Evans Avenue, Denver, CO 80210

    Members taking courses at Ruffatto Hall will be issued a parking access card for the garage with complete maps and instructions. Please note that parking passes must be linked to the license plate number(s) you provided upon registration.

    See below for specific room assignments. 

    Map to Ruffatto Hall

  • Click on double arrows to the right to view in presentation form

  • WINTER 2021 Course Syllabi

  • Freewheelin to the Tracks Bob Dylan Syllabus

    Strelitz Freewheelin Dylan Syllabus.docx

  • Introduction to Jewish Genealogy Syllabus

    Kowitt Jewish Genealogy Syllabus.docx

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