• Fall Registration is OPEN- Courses are filling up FAST

  • The OLLI-on-Campus Program continues to grow as our members find it invigorating to be on a college campus and to reap the benefts the location affords. The OLLI-on-Campus Managers, Joanne and Jackie, have worked tirelessly over the spring and summer to put together a variety of courses for our members that stimulate ALL parts of the mind and body. Research on the aging brain indicates that learning a new skill, working with your hands to strengthen eye-hand coordination and improve processing speed, and stimulating your mind with new ideas all help in healthy aging. You will see our focus on these research fndings in the courses we have planned for the Fall 2019 program. We hope you will reach beyond your current comfort level and try something new or engage your mind in a new area!

    Here's how to sign up (we will be reviewing registration numbers on September 2 so please sign up ASAP so we know if we have met the required minimum number to offer the course.  Thank you!)

    1) Review the FALL 2019 course offerings in the catalog below

    2) Select your courses

    3) Access the easy-to-use online registration system by clicking the Register Now button located on the page below. 

  • Click on the button to register after you have selected your classes. Fall 2019 catalog is below
    Click on the button to register after you have selected your classes. Fall 2019 catalog is below
  • Fall 2019 OLLI-on-Campus Course Catalog

  • Fall 2019 CATALOG -Download Here

    OOC Catalog Fall 2019 for Website with maps.pdf

  • Mail-in Registration

  • Mail in Registration Form Click Here to Download

    Olli-on-Campus Mail-in Registration Form

  • OLLI Membership Information

  • Membership Fee

    OLLI members may participate in as many courses as desired at any of the six OLLI sites - OLLI-on-Campus, Central, East, West, South, and Boulder (contingent upon space availability) for a set registration fee of $130 per term.  OLLI has three terms per academic year: Fall, Winter, and Spring.  Also, please note that our OLLI-on-Campus site offers courses that are 4-weeks in length during each term and there is a $20 instructor fee added for each course. Each OLLI member who registers for an on-campus course will receive a free parking access card for a covered garage on the DU campus.

    The OLLI-on-Campus site provides a unique offering.  Univeristy of Denver Professors as well as other individuals representing significant aspects of the greater Denver community are the course instructors.  As such, there is a modest additional fee for each course.

  • Registration for other OLLI-at-DU Sites

  • Central, East, On Campus: https://access.du.edu/s/1150/community/index.aspx?sid=1150&gid=1012&pgid=20193&cid=35762

    West, Boulder: https://access.du.edu/s/1150/community/index.aspx?sid=1150&gid=1012&pgid=20190&cid=35686

    South: https://access.du.edu/s/1150/community/index.aspx?sid=1150&gid=1012&pgid=20172&cid=35617


  • OLLI-On-Campus Course Location

  • Ruffatto Hall
    Ruffatto Hall
  • All OLLI-on-Campus courses will be held at the Katherine A Ruffatto Hall located on the University of Denver campus, 1999 East Evans Avenue, Denver, CO 80210

    Members taking courses at Ruffatto Hall will be issued a parking access card for the garage with complete maps and instructions. Please note that parking passes must be linked to the license plate number(s) you provided upon registration.

    See below for specific room assignments. 

    Map to Ruffatto Hall

  • Click on double arrows to the right to view in presentation form

  • Room # for 1st Four-Week Classes (9/16-10/11)

    Writing: A Pathway to Self-Awareness- Ruffatto 204

    Freewheelin' to the Tracks: Bob Dylan's Masks-  Ruffatto 409

    Tuesday Mornings on Campus Speaker Series - Ruffatto 202

    WARLI Art: An Indian Tribal Art Form - Ruffatto 206

    Art After Abstract Expressionism - Ruffatto 408

    Viennese Visions: Mozart, Beethoven, & Company - Ruffatto 401

    Jewelry Making:- Ruffatto 306

    Flying the Friendly Skies - Ruffatto 409

    Buddhist Psychology - Ruffatto 206

    Baseball as a Road to God - Ruffatto 234

    Introduction to Oil Painting - Ruffatto 334

    Room # for 2nd Four-Week Classes (10/14-11/8)

    Emily Dickinson & the Amateur Botany Movement- Ruffatto 409

    Tuesday Mornings on Campus Speaker Series- Ruffatto 202 

    Exploring Russian Music - Ruffatto 304

    Beyond the Nutcracker: A Classical Holiday Season- Ruffatto 401

    Sketching and Drawing -Ruffatto 305

    Researching your Family History - Ruffatto 409

    Transforming the 5 Buddhist Emotions - Ruffatto 206

    New Eyes on the Bible: A Story of Spiritual Evolution - Ruffatto 234

    Continuing with Oil Painting - Ruffatto 334

  • Please watch this video to learn how to register

    For the Videos below, click on the full screen icon to watch a video:

    Fall 2019 Video: On Campus Registration (with Email Confirmation):

    Fall 2019 Video: Multi-site Registration - 1 course at all 6 sites:


  • Fall 2019 Syllabi-1st Four Weeks

  • Writing: A Pathway to Self-Awareness Syllabus

    Writing Syllabus.pdf

  • Freewheelin' to the Tracks: Bob Dylan's Masks

    Freewheelin Dylan Syllabus.pdf

  • WARLI Art: An Indian Tribal Art Form

    WARLI Art Syllabus.pdf

  • Art After Abstract Expressionism: 1950s to 1970s

    Art After Abstract Syllabus.pdf

  • Viennese Visions: Mozart, Beethoven, and Company

    Viennese Visions Syllabus.pdf

  • Jewelry Making- Level One

    Jewelry Making Syllabus.pdf

  • Flying the Friendly Skies Syllabus

    Flying Friendly Skies Syllabus.pdf

  • Buddhist Psychology Syllabus

    Buddhist Psychology Syllabus.pdf

  • Baseball as a Road to God Syllabus

    Baseball as Road to God Syllabus.pdf

  • Oil Painting: An Introduction Syllabus

    Oil Painting Intro Syllabus.pdf

  • Fall 2019 Syllabi-2nd Four Weeks

  • Emily Dickinson and the Amateur Botany Movement Syllabus

    Emily Dickinson Syllabus.pdf

  • Exploring Russian Music Syllabus

    Russian Music Syllabus.pdf

  • Beyond the Nutcracker Syllabus

    Beyond the Nutcracker Syllabus.pdf

  • Sketching and Drawing Syllabus

    Sketching and Drawing Syllabus.pdf

  • Researching your Family History Syllabus

    Researching your Family History Syllabus.pdf

  • Transforming the Five Buddhist Emotions Syllabus

    Five Buddhist Emotions Syllabus.pdf

  • New Eyes on the Bible Syllabus

    New Eyes on the Bible Syllabus.pdf

  • Continuing with Oil Painting Syllabus

    Continuing with Oil Painting Syllabus.pdf

  • Fall 2019 Tuesday Mornings on Campus Speaker Series

  • Directions for attending the Tuesday Mornings on Campus Speaker Series

    CLICK HERE FOR A PRINTABLE FLYER about the Speaker Series

    Tuesday Mornings on Campus Speaker Series Flyer.pdf

    To attend the Tuesday Mornings on Campus Speaker Series, you will need to:

    Decide if you want to attend:

    a) Speaker Series #1 (Sessions 1-4; September 17 through October 8 )- this is listed in the catalog as a "course;" just register for the 4-week course as you would any other

    b) Speaker Series #2 (Sessions 5-6; October 15 through November 5)- this is listed in the catalog as a "course;" just register for the 4-week course as you would any other 

    c) Single Sessions- you CANNOT register for single sessions online.  You must contact Jackie Wyant (jacqueline.wyant@du.edu) who will note your desie to attend and will contact you if there is availability. We need to keep a maximum number of 40 due to room capacity. The cost to attend a single session is $10, payable at the door.  Non-OLLI guests (people who have NOT signed up for an OLLI course at any site for FALL 2019, may attend (pending availability) by paying $20 at the door.  

  • Tuesday Mornings, 9:30-11:30 am

    University of Denver, Katherine A. Ruffatto Hall, Room 202

    SPEAKER SERIES #1:   FIRST FOUR WEEKS (9/17 – 10/8)






    Why Geography Matters in the 21st Century

    Dr. Joseph J. Kerski Lifelong geographer; Census Bureau, NOAA, USGS



    Book Talk/Discussion: The Fundamental Roots of Suffering in the Context of the Tragedy of Israel-Palestine


    Richard Forer; Author of “Breakthrough: Transforming Fear into Compassion – A New Perspective on the Israel-Palestine Conflict”


    Celebrating Oktoberfest: Beer, Brats and Bavaria

    Jacqueline Wyant Avid traveler, co-site manager, OLLI-on-Campus


    China’s Dynamic Economy

    Dr. Douglas Allen Associate Professor, DU Daniels School of Business


    SPEAKER SERIES #2:  SECOND FOUR WEEKS (10/15 – 11/5)





    Out of Way Places in CO

    Bruce Caughey       Author of “The Colorado Guide”; Exec. Director PEBC


    Increasing Success for Women-led Startups

    Barbara Bauer  Executive Director, Rockies Venture Institute; Director Women’s Investor Network; Founder of Myanmar Women’s Entrepreneurship Conference



    Immigration Issues in the Time of Trump: An in-depth discussion about what this all means for immigrants, their families, and the country.

    Hans Meyer Founder,Meyer Law Office, P.C.; former Director of Public Policy for the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition



    “Are you feeling taxed?  Maximizing your assets and minimizing your taxes.”


    Jon Kraus & Karen Shaw

    DU Development &  Advancement Offices

    Registration for one or both 4-weeks sessions begins on AUGUST 5, 2019.  Limited to first 40 registrants so sign up early.    


    1) Sign up for a FOUR WEEK session as you would for any other OLLI-on-Campus course through our online registration or mail-in registration (there are two 4-week courses Speaker Series 1 and Speaker Series 2). Registering this way will guarantee you a space at these informative talks and OLLI members who register for a 4-week session receive a free parking access card for a DU garage.

    2) OLLI members (anyone who has registered for a OLLI course at any of our six sites for the Fall 2019 Term) who wish to attend single sessions may pay $10 at the door (if space is available).  Guests of OLLI members may attend for $20.  Please contact Joanne (joanne.ihrig@du.edu 303-748-8682) or Jackie (Jacqueline.wyant@du.edu 610-248-7962) in advance for questions or space availability.


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