• Fall class registration is open.
    • If you have not taken an OLLI on-line (Zoom) class before then you will need to create an account before you will be able to register for classes.
    • You are not in this new system until you create an account.

    Begin by accessing the GENERAL ZOOM INFORMATION tab (on this website) to ensure your computer system will be compatible with the Zoom platform.

    • Need help with getting Zoom downloaded? See the Zoom Help Section
    • Click  to set up  your OLLI Registration account (separate from Zoom):  Account Set Up-Registration
    • You need to set up an account by clicking on the "Start Here" link in the top right hand corner of the registration screen.

    We have created several informational files to assist you with the registration process - See below

  • How to Register Videos

  • Pro Class registration videos

    1. Get Account: Part1GetAccount.mp4 

    2.PurchaseMembership and Assign Contact: PurchaseMembershipAssignContactF20.mp4

    3.SearchCourses and Checkout: SearchCoursesCheckout.mp4 


  • Click here for the video in mp4 format (does take a moment to download)

    RegisterVideo 87.mp4

  • We have created an informational video to assist you in setting up your registration: Video is blurry for the 1st few seconds



    Click here to download the registration instructions:  ProClass Registration Process2020

    To  view full screen click on double >> at the top right hand corner of the border below:


    We have scheduled a one-hour training session on Zoom. This Zoom event is intended to ensure your computer is ‘Zoom-friendly’ as well as to walk through the registration process. If you have attended Zoom training before there is no need to attend unless you need assistance with registration.

     This Zoom session is Monday, August 2nd at 10:00 a.m.

    (The link is typically sufficient to enter the Zoom session. In case you are asked for a Passcode, they are included here.)

    10:00 AM -Passcode 539186


     If you plan on attending tis session, we highly recommend you print the Registration Process document. (click below to download) We will be referring to the document during these trainings.


    Registration Process Document click here to access

    Registration Video-click here to access




    If you are uncomfortable with the process of downloading ZOOM to your PC, Mac or Tablet and would like to see how it works before registering for classes, contact one of the ZOOM Help Team below by email or phone to set up a one-on-one telephone session for installation of ZOOM.

    You may need to copy and paste the email address into your email account

                 Art Strasburger 

                            artstras@comcast.net   303-738-0380    720-984-4903

                Larry Walling  

                            larrywksucat@gmail.com    303-619-7384

                Larry Tannenbaum

                            larrydtannenbaum@comcast.net      303-909-3169


  • The OLLI On Line Zoom Experience-Hosted by Charlie Holt

  • Hesitate to take Online classes via Zoom?

    Click below to see what OLLI members/facilitators said about the ease of OLLI classes in Spring on the Zoom Platform 


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