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  • Our OLLI volunteer facilitators are the key to making OLLI successful. Classes are facilitated by OLLI members who have the professional knowledge of, or a scholarly interest in a subject. Others may be lecture classes taught by retired faculty members, community and civic leaders and independent scholars or OLLI members. Due to COVID-19, all Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 OLLI classes will be available only via Zoom. There will not be any in-person classes. To learn more about OLLI Online via Zoom--and OLLI trains new and current members to use Zoom--please visit this OLLI Online website: http://portfolio.du.edu/ollionline

    If you are interested in finding out more about facilitating a class through OLLI Boulder, send an email to ollibouldercc@gmail.com

    To see current course and registration information, return to the OLLI Boulder homepage. 

  • Sample General Syllabus

    General Syllabus Format.pdf


    How the Adult Brain Learns Presentation

    by Dr. Allison Friederichs



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  • Powerpoint - Learn It

  • Keynote+Basics

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  • Syllabus Sample

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  • Suggested Rules of Engagement

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