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  • Our OLLI volunteer facilitators are the key to making OLLI successful  Classes are facilitated by OLLI members who have the professional knowledge of, or a scholarly interest in a subject.  Others may be lecture classes taught by retired faculty members, community and civic leaders and independent scholars or OLLI members.   Some classes may take place at a museum, artist's studio, or a theatre where the resident professional teaches the class.

    If you are interested in finding out more about facilitating a class at OLLI Boulder click on the link below and/or send an email to olliboulder@gmail.com

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    How the Adult Brain Learns Presentation

    by Dr. Allison Friederichs



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  • Portfolio is a web-based program that allows facilitators to post text, pictures, or class information, links to internet web pages, documents or other content that is accessible to class members.  It is managed by DU and OLLI facilitators.  

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    History, Economic, World Affairs

         Reva Greenburg - rgburg@gmail.com

    Arts & Literature

         Pat Walters - pat3walters@gmail.com

    Philosophy, Religion, Psychology

         Sue Crichton - crichtonsrg@gmail.com

    Health & Wellness

         Helen Kelly - ladydilberta@gmail.com




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