• Facilitator Information

  • Our OLLI volunteer facilitators are the key to making OLLI successful  Classes are facilitated by OLLI members who have the professional knowledge of, or a scholarly interest in a subject.  Others may be lecture classes taught by retired faculty members, community and civic leaders and independent scholars or OLLI members.   Some classes may take place at a museum, artist's studio, or a theatre where the resident professional teaches the class.

    If you are interested in finding out more about facilitating a class at OLLI Boulder click on the link below and/or send an email to barbaraolliboulder@gmail.com


  • Sample General Syllabus

    General Syllabus Format.pdf


    How the Adult Brain Learns Presentation

    by Dr. Allison Friederichs



  • Learning Power Point

  • Powerpoint - Learn It

  • Keynote+Basics

  • The OLLI Library

  • OLLI Library May 2017

  • Forms

  • Descriptive paragraph and bio samples

  • Syllabus Sample

  • Self-Evaluation Questions

  • Suggested Rules of Engagement

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  • Curriculum Planning Calendar



  • Curriculum Committee

  • Curriculum Committee Chairperson

                    Barbe Ratcliffe: Barbara.Ratcliffe@du.edu

    Curriculum Subcommittee Chairpersons:

                    Arts, Writing and Literature

                    Carol Anthony: ca1066@aol.com

                     Health and Well-being

                    Penny Friedberg: pennyfriedberg@gmail.com

                    History, Economics, World Affairs

                    Reva Greenburg: rgburg@gmail.com

                    Wayne Grider: wayne.grider@hotmail.com

                    Philosophy, Religion, Psychology

                    Diane Curlette: dcurlette25@gmail.com

                    Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)

                    Fran Greene: jandfgreene@earthlink.net

                    Boulder Speaker Series

                    Pat Stillmunkes: stillgp@comcast.net

                    Sally Phillips: hikersal@gmail.com



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