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  • OLLI members may participate in as many classes as desired at any of the six OLLI sites - Central, West, South, OLLI On-Campus, East and Boulder (contingent upon space availability) for $130 per term.  OLLI has three terms per academic year: Fall, Winter, and Spring.

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    Susan Schmetzer, susanolliwest@gmail.com

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    Connie Dawson, ollisouth@gmail.com, 303-638-3388

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    Joanne Ihrig, joanne.ihrig@du.edu, 303-748-8682

    Jacqueline Wyant, jacqueline.wyant@du.edu, 610-248-7962

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    Paul Simon, paul.simon@du.edu


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    Barbara Darling, barbara.darling@du.edu



    Links for syllabi (if available) follow the class title



    FULL Accidental Empress, Barb Forsyth & Becky Bennett -Accidental Empress.pdf

    Easy Chinese Conversation, Yi Ren

    FULL Great Cathedrals, Mo Matthews - Cathedrals.pdf 

    Great Chinese Revolution, Irwin Kirk - Chinese Revolution.pdf 

    FULL Great Generals & Admirals of WWII, Bix Bicknell, Tom Berry & Fred Woll - Generals & Admirals.pdf 

    FULL Harry Truman, Jim Bernuth - Truman.pdf 

    FULLLess than Human, Diane Carter - Less than Human.pdf  

    The Witches: Salem, 1692, David Lippman - THE WITCHES, Salem 1692.pdf 

    FULL Wolf Hall, Hilary Carlson & Kathy Stokes - Wolf Hall.pdf 

    Literature & Writing                            

    FULLBurger's Daughter by Nobel Prize Winner Nadine Gordimer, Maureen Beigel

       & Rivka Schwab

    Pride & Prejudice, Linda Katchen

    FULL Recent Short Stories – Part III, Kelly Smith - Recent Short Stories - Part 3 .pdf

    Science Fiction Short Stories - Around the World, Larry Matten - Sci Fi from around the world.pdf 

    The Shakespeare Society, Eileen Wigginton

    FULL Short Stories with an Edge, Judith Vlasin

    Ulysses for Reluctant Readers, Ann Cohen                         

    Virginia Woolf: Two Novels, Kelly Smith


    Public Affairs                                               

    Active Minds: An OLLI Speakers Series

    Campaigns and Elections, Dennis Johnson

    FULL Current Events #1, Dick Reinish & Sydney Myers

    FULL Current Events #2, Dick Reinish & Sydney Myers

    FULL Current Events #3, Gordon Appell & Barbara Holme

    FULL Current Events #4, Doug Seagren

    The Economics of Extraction & Exclusivity, Keith Ruckhaus & Alec Tsoucatos

    First Amendment, Barbara Shecter

    FULL Great Decisions #1, Steve Winber

    FULL Great Decisions #2, Joseph Feldstein

    Selected Topics of Interest in the Criminal Justice System, Rick Levinson

    FULL Ted Talks, Gene Cole Ted Talks Syllabus Fall 2019.pdf 

    FULL U.S. Immigration: Law and Policy, Chris Bauer


    Philosophy, Religion & Psychology          

    Buddhist Psychology, Gretchen Groth

    More Adventures in B’Midbar & Beyond, Rabbi Sandra Cohen

    Neoliberalism, Mitch Stewart

    Squaring the Curve is not for Squares, Jacqui Shumway


    Science, Medicine & Technology          

    FULL Be Good to Your Gut –  The Science & Art of Wild Fermentation, Judie Maurelli

    Colorado Mining Legacy, Gary Curtiss

    Fascinating Felines, Carri Currier & Mary Dudzinski

    Human Cardiovascular System, David Shander

    Making Decisions in a Complex World, Terry Ortlieb

    Oxford Study Lectures, Joe Brady

    Science Potpourri - David Shander & Robert Sargent - Science Potpourri.pdf 

    Taste the Plant Rainbow, Sandra Soule

    FULL U.S. Global Water Resource Issues, Timothy Steele & James Kunkel


    Visual & Performing Arts                

    ‘60s Music – The Songs and the Times, Paul Simon & Glenn Gravlee - '60s Music.pdf 

    The Blues:  Roots & Branches #2, Larry Tannenbaum - Blues.pdf 

    Finding Mr. Dickens through Film, Andrew Brier

    FULL Foreign Films, Dick Reinish - Foreign Films.pdf 

    FULL Loving Vincent: Van Gogh thru Multi Media, Judith Vlasin

    Origami for the Mind: Foundation - AM class, Mark Burger - Origami for the Mind Fall 2019.pdf 

    FULL Origami for the Mind: Foundation - PM class, Mark Burger - Origami for the Mind Fall 2019.pdf 

    FULL Public Art in Downtown Denver, Barbara Thorngren - Public Art.pdf 

    Some of The Best Fantasy Films of All Time, Larry Matten & Greg Petty - Some of the Best Fantasy Films Of All Time.pdf 

    Sports Movies & Cultural Impact, Alan Folkestad

    Symphony, Catherine Beeson


    Extracurricular classes                 

    Pilates Fundamentals, Debby Levinson

    Tai Chi, Joe Brady

    Yoga from the Heart, Robin Secher



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