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    American History:  1865-1917, Steve Winber - FULL

    Easy Chinese Conversation, Yi Ren - CANCELLED

    Forgotten Presidents, Marjie Clark - FULL

    Let’s Learn the Lessons of the Past, with Jon Meacham as our Guide, Hilary Carlson & Kathleen Stokes - FULL

    Many Faces of Eleanor Roosevelt, Rita Alexander - FULL

    The Evolution of Etiquette & Protocol: The Importance of Civility & Manners, Jan McCubbrey

    The Life & Legacy of Isabella, The Warrior Queen, Nan Morehead & Reva Greenburg - FULL

    The Renaissance – The Beginning of the Modern World, Diana Williams - FULL        

    The Transcontinental Railroad, Stewart Jones

    Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power by Jon Meacham, David Lippman - FULL

    Understanding a Bit about Imperial China, Barbe Ratcliffe

    Woman Suffrage and the Meaning of Citizenship, Myra Rich

    Colorado’s Black History is More than a Month, Jacqui Shumway - FULL



    Introduction to Game Theory:  Methods for Making Rational Decisions, Robert Dodge - FULL



    Agatha Christie and Late Hercule Poirot, Bill Kaehny

    Picking Books for the Young People in Your Life, Linda Katchen CANCELLED

    Recent Short Stories by Honored Authors, Kelly Smith - FULL

    Short Stories of the New American West, Don & Gracie Batt

    The Life & Opinions of Tristram Shandy, a Comic Masterpiece, Bill West - FULL   

    The Sunday Night Poet, Ed Hanson

    The William Shakespeare Society, Eileen Wigginton      

    Three Writers Reveal Absurd Worlds, Ann Cohen

    Write to Save Your Life, Patricia Cox


    Public Affairs                                                             

    American Politics: The Issues That Divide Us, Reid Reynolds - FULL

    Current Events #1, Dick Reinish & Sydney Myers - FULL

    Current Events #2, Dick Reinish & Sydney Myers - FULL

    Current Events #3, Maria Valdes - FULL

    Economics & Politics, Randy Braun

    Great Decisions #1, Gene Cole - FULL

    Great Decisions #2, Jay Baugher - FULL

    Great Decisions #3, Gordon Appell - FULL

    8 More Foreign Films, Dick Reinish

    Supreme Court – it’s Role in our Society, Tom Bieging - FULL

    Ted Talks, Jim Bernuth - FULL

    Active Minds

    Are We Really Healthy?, Barbara Shecter - CANCELLED

    Hard Choices, Richard Lamm & Buie Seawell


    Philosophy, Religion & Psychology          

    Ethical Decision-Making in a Complex World, Steve Spirn - FULL

    Faith and Reason, Mike Prevedel - FULL

    Help!  What You Can Do For Mental Health Emergencies, Kip Doran 

    Necessary Losses: Life’s Losses & Gains, Ruth Neubauer

    Philosophical Strands in Socialism, Mitch Stewart

    Stories of the Sages, Rabbi Sandra Cohen - FULL

    Wisdom from Greek Mythology, Susan Ledges


    Science, Medicine & Technology                           

    Birds: Secrets of Flight and Behavior, Steve Johnson - FULL

    Harrari’s 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, Terry Ortlieb - FULL

    Navigating the Health Care Maze, Mark Levine, Fred Kutner & Alan Lazaroff

    Plants: A Very Short Introduction, Larry Matten - CANCELLED

    Science, Technology & Medicine in the News, Gerson Greenburg - FULL

    The Geology of Colorado, Larry Meckel - FULL

    The Seven Greatest Scientific Discoveries in History, Wilson Wiedenheft - FULL

    Women in Science & Technology, Barbara Zimmerman - CANCELLED


    Visual & Performing Arts                                  

    A Brief History of American Musical Theater, Wendy Rouder           

    A Leonard Bernstein Birthday Bash, Steve Weston

    Chinese Calligraphy, Dennis Johnson

    Journeys in Film, John Testa & Eva Spain 

    Opera – Our Choices, Mo Mathews & Bob Montgomery

    Origami for the Mind: Foundation – AM, Mark Burger - FULL

    Origami for the Mind: Foundation – PM, Mark Burger

    Oscar Movies II (1976-2007), Bob Magnani

    Sport Movies First Inning, Alan Folkestad

    The Great Gatsby and All that Jazz:  Art and Culture in 1920’s America, Marianne Lorenz - FULL



    Exploring the Promise of Chinese Medicine, Joe Brady


    Extracurricular classes at OLLI Central                           

    Pilates Fundamentals, Debby Levinson - FULL

    Tai Chi, Joe Brady

    Yoga from the Heart, Robin Secher


  • 7 Greatest History of Science - Class Syllabus.pdf

  • American History 1865-1917.pdf

  • American Musical Theatre.pdf

  • BirdClassSyllabus2019.pdf

  • Evolution of Etiquette and Protocol.pdf

  • Geology of Colo - Syllabus 2019.pdf

  • Hararis 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.pdf

  • Imperial China - Winter 2019 Central.pdf

  • Intro to Game Theory.pdf

  • Isabella (1) (3).pdf

  • Journeys in Film Syllabus.pdf

  • A Leonard Bernstein Birthday Bash Syllabus.pdf

  • Let's Learn the Lessons of the Past.pdf

  • Many Faces of Eleanor Roosevelt.pdf


  • Opera-OurChoicesSyllabus copy.pdf

  • Origami for the Mind OLLI Winter 2019 Syllabus.pdf

  • Oscar Movies Two.pdf

  • Science, Tech & Med.pdf


  • Sports Movies Syllabus Folkstad.pdf

  • TED Winter 2019.pdf


  • THOMAS JEFFERSON_Synopsis.pdf

  • Woman Suffrage.pdf

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