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    Professional Belief Statement

    Kendall Joseph Binder


    I’ve reached the point in my life where I want to concentrate on giving something to our culture and society that is needed and respected. Teaching and inspiring young people is a rewarding task and I put 100% of my talent and will into this career goal. I want to influence young learners to be their best in challenging life goals so that our towns, cities, states, and countries become well aligned with agendas toward peace, stability, and economic growth.


    I promote a no tolerance bullying and shaming code at all times. I ensure that no student goes unnoticed and that no student feels he or she cannot participate in any type of activity, club, sport, and classroom discussion. In fact, a large portion of my MA thesis was about the U.S. bullying issues in our schools. While teaching at Bowling Green State University, I was contacted by CNN iReport about this issue and I was featured on their website. This was quite an honor and I uphold my beliefs to this day that every student reserves the right to be protected from such harm. School must be a safe place for every student, teacher, administrator, and staff member.


    In 2006, I decided to complete my BA in Popular Culture because I wanted to theorize and write about youth culture and how the media influences and creates subcultures. I decided to pursue an MA in Popular Culture and this is when I began teaching professionally. I taught a college-level freshman course titled, Introduction to Popular Culture. The structure of the class was heavy in reading, writing, and class participation. I structured the class based on Capitalism v. Socialism and how we observe cultures and subcultures through TV, Film, Music, and New Media. The response from my students was remarkable. Within my graduate cohort, I had the best reputation for class participation and I was well liked by my students because I displayed empathy, modesty, integrity, and equity.


    While I was performing ethnographic research for my Popular Culture thesis in New York City, I joined One-on-One Academic Tutors. I traveled to low-income housing in Brooklyn and tutored struggling students in English and Math. After I finished my Popular Culture thesis, I felt the desire to influence students to create goals and achieve their realistic dreams in a safe, happy, enthusiastic environment.


    During my apprenticeship at Westerly Creek Elementary School in Denver, Colorado from August 2016 to June 2017, I created an anonymous survey for my second grade students and the results were favorable: 92% Agreed that I help them do their best in school, 96% Agreed that I want them to succeed, 91% Agreed that I make sure they follow the rules, 92% Agreed that they feel safe around me, 96% Agreed that I believe in them, 94% Agreed that I treat them with kindness, and 98% Agreed that I love teaching.


    I have committed myself to ensuring that the whole child succeeds and that every child succeeds. There is nothing more exciting than to feel a part of an academic community who works together to close the achievement gap by instilling values, culture, and empowerment to young people. I’ve connected with the Denver learning community to focus on collaborating to improve student achievement, growth, and success. 


    This I Believe . . .


    Mr. Binder encourages hope, equality, and neutrality so that generations of children who embark on a world within this technological revolution lead with kindness and courage.


    It is my belief that fairness and a vision are evoked for every student—the whole child. As teachers make observations and review assessments and performances—I believe every child has talent and the strength to influence an adult to think in new ways about the changing world around her or him. It is my belief that every child feels safe and supported—every child is engaged and challenged—every child has an opportunity towards good health and is socially respected and responsible.


    Equitable and effective teachers are sophisticated in thought and practice. Sophisticated teachers are role models to encourage acceptance. Sophisticated teachers take the long road with tools to build bridges over inequalities, bullying, and lack of opportunities. It is my belief that teachers have the power to challenge ideologies that take the low road—we shall challenge assumptions, gossip, and jealousy.


    Caring teachers collaborate, celebrate culture, and continue to grow. Caring, equitable, and sophisticated teachers learn from children while modeling what integrity means—honesty, hard work, morality, and significant, changeable practices.


    I believe a sophisticated teacher turns bullies into friends—weaknesses into strengths—doubt into grit—and pessimism into optimism. A determined teacher seeks out all that is special in a child and understands that both adults and children can go through a metamorphosis in this journey in life.

    This I Believe.

  • Resume

  • Kendall Binder PDF Resume

    Kendall Joseph Binder

    Denver, CO 80204





    To obtain an elementary teaching position in a rigorous, culturally sensitive, and diverse environment that fosters a growth mind-set for students, teachers, and the community.



    Master of Arts in Education · July 2016-Present

    • The University of Denver, Denver, CO
    • Elementary Education, Curriculum and Instruction
    • Concentration in Culturally Linguistically Diverse Education
    • State of Colorado Teaching Certificate: June 2017
    • Expected date of degree conferment: August 2017


    Master of Business Administration in Marketing · December 2014

    • Tiffin University, Tiffin, OH
    • Concentrations in Marketing and Management


    Master of Arts in Popular Culture · August 2013

    • Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH
    • Concentrations in Cultural Geography, Post Modernism, and Film Studies
    • Member of the Academic Honesty Committee (2010-2011)


    Bachelor of Arts · May 2009

    • Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH
    • Concentrations in Scientific and Technical Communication and Popular Culture
    • Member of Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity


    Related Employment

    Apprentice Second Grade Language Arts Teacher · August 2016-Present

    Westerly Creek Elementary · Stapleton, CO

    • Implement Common Core Standards in literacy and writing
    • Teach Orton-Gillingham phonics curriculum
    • Assess learning using graphic organizers, exit tickets, and end of unit assessments
    • Maintain advanced guided reading groups using inquiry and project based learning
    • Execute leadership as a role model to shape how students view adults in the world
    • Enforce consistent behavior strategies toward excellent classroom expectations
    • Build positive relationships with students, families, and staff
    • Model integrity, modesty, and respect to all students
    • Ensure that every child succeeds
    • Tutor third grade Bridges Math curriculum
    • Write and create Promethean Board flip charts to guide teaching and student learning
    • Substitute teach on days permanent teachers are unavailable


    Substitute Teacher (K-12) · February 2016-Present

    Kelly Educational Staffing · Denver, CO

    Colorado Charter Schools Served:

    Omar D. Blair, Wyatt Academy, Community Leadership Academy, Victory Prep Academy, Belle Creek Elementary and Middle School, New America School Lowry and Thornton, Eagle Ridge Academy, Westgate Community School, and Bromley East Charter School

    • Maintain classroom goals during the absence of permanent teacher
    • Analyze lesson plans and sub plans to accurately pass knowledge and learning to students
    • Assist with grading based on rubrics
    • Empathize with the stress that accompanies with change in the classroom


    Home Tutor (K-12) · September 2011-May 2011

    1-on-1 Academic Tutors · New York, NY

    • Traveled to low-income households and tutored youth in Math and English to raise scholastic aptitude test scores
    • Encouraged students to succeed in difficult subject matter through positive reinforcement
    • Assessed living conditions of each home visited
    • Maintained communication with family and parents about student progress


    Instructor · August 2009-May 2011

    Department of Popular Culture · Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH

    • Developed syllabi for Introduction to Popular Culture undergraduate college courses
    • Created lesson plans, quizzes, exams, and group activities for a 35-student classroom
    • Successfully encouraged all students to participate in class with tact and respect
    • Ensured all students understood course subject matter


    References available upon request.


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