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    • What to expect when converting Flash to HTML5
      Adobe Systems, Inc. (July, 2017)

      Pixel Pundits 26: Flash Lives!
      Pixel Pundits. (December, 2015)

      Online Woche: Kreatives Web #2 - Was ist eigentlich mit Flash? Eine Standortbestimmung
      Edge Docks (October, 2015)

      AEL14 Conference Overview Video
      Adobe Systems, Inc. (July, 2014)

      Authored Content, Episode 38
      Authored Content (October, 2013)

      Flash Development for Android Cookbook
      02Geek.com (December 2012)

      WEAVE Magazine (February 2012)

      Flexing into 2012 w/ Joseph Labrecque and Mark Ehlert
      The Flex Show (January 2012)

      HTML5, Flash and RIAs: 18 Industry Experts Have Their Say
      Envato ActiveTuts+ (October 2011)

      Interview with Joseph Labrecque from University of Denver and Fractured Vision Media, LLC
      Sean Moore (August 2011)

      Interview with Joseph Labrecque
      Runtime Expectations (April 2011)

      Flex in Higher Education
      The Flex Show (January 2011)

      Joseph Labrecque
      CodeBass Radio (August 2010)

      DU Programmer Moonlights as Electronic Musician
      DU Today (July 2010)

      Q & A with Joseph Labrecque
      Adobe Developer Center (November 2009)

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    • Website makeovers: How to choose the best tools for your project
      Adobe Inspire Magazine (June 2012)

      Adobe Success Story: University of Denver
      Adobe Systems, Inc. (December 2010)

      DropFolders Brings Automatic Video Conversion to HandBrake
      Instant Fundas (January 2011)

      Drag And Drop Conversion Of Videos With Handbrake Using DropFolders
      Addictive Tips (October 2010)

      Watch Folders & Convert Video Files with DropFolders & HandBrake
      Make Use Of (August 2010)

      Love Handbrake? Use DropFolders for Automation
      TechnoSpot (July 2010)

      DropFolders Watches Folders and Converts Media with HandBrake
      LifeHacker (July 2010)

      Flash Player 10.1 on Android & AIR for Android
      Flash and Flex Developer Magazine (April 2010)


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