• Description

  • This page is small selection of projects that represent my work in User Experience Design. You will find information on my work in usability testing, examples of sites I have built, and other design documents such as wire rames and site maps.
  • Usability Testing and Research

  • Morgridge Stakeholder Presentation
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • Websites and Applications

  • Morgridge College of Education

    This site is currently In Development at the Office of Teaching and Learning for the Morgridge College of Education. I am the site builder, information architect, and user experience designer for this project. The site is built to include responsive design. This project represents my ability to implement and build out my designs into fully functional websites.
  • Digital Pioneers

    During the Digital Pioneers project I developed both video content for built the site.
  • Wire Frames

  • Morgridge College of Education Wire Frame

    This wireframe was developed for the Morgridge College of Education. This is NOT a fully functional site. The wireframe was developed based on data compiled through usability testing, UX principles, IA principles, and Stakeholder meetings.
  • Ticketing System Wire Frame

    A Wire Frame built in spare time for a basic ticketing system. Example of medium fidelity wire framing.
  • Site Maps

  • Morgridge College of Education Site Map

    My Site Map developed for the Morgridge College of Education site project.

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