• About Us

  • The Council on International Finance, Trade, and Economics (CIFTE) is a graduate student organization at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies that strives to advance awareness of the global economy, facilitate networking opportunities, and provide input for Global Finance, Trade, and Economic Integration (GFTEI) curriculum. 

    CIFTE is a student organization geared for the GFTEI program, but membership is open and encouraged to all students regardless of degree program. CIFTE works to provide students, alumni, and faculty programming and events throughout the year. These range from hosting speakers on current economic issues to social pub crawls to summer cookouts. Come join us! 
  • Need a scholarship?

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  • About GFTEI

  • The Global Finance, Trade, and Economic Integration (GFTEI) program provides students with a multi-disciplinary, policy-focused examination of the global economy. Courses within this degree focus on the complex changes underway in the global economy, including the emerging patterns of financial, trade, and human capital flows and their effect on national economies; the effect of globalization on state capacity, policy autonomy, and national economic conditions; the relationship between economic, political, and social outcomes; corporate governance and competition; and the interaction of interest groups, states, and multilateral agreements and organizations. All students within this degree receive training in advanced statistical methods. Students also select from a diverse collection of "hard" and "soft" skills courses. 

    This degree is intended for students who intend to pursue careers in four domains: 

    1. International policy analysis for public sector agencies, such as the Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration. 

    2. Analyst positions in multilateral institutions and organizations, such as the World Bank, the United Nations and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. 

    3. Research and analyst positions within non-governmental organizations, such as Oxfam and Action Aid. 

    4. Private sector careers as economic policy consultants, country risk or international project analysts, or international project managers. 

  • Useful Links

  • Check out our founder and beloved Professor Grabel breaking down the GFTEI degree--> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOBsYwZPWCI

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