English for Specific Purposes Presentations

  • “Adding 'the ESP' to Multidisciplinary EAP Courses.” Workshop, TESOL 2010.

  • "Empowering West African Women through ESP." Academic Session presented with Kay Westerfield, Ruth Petzold, Alice Murray, Lynn Ouedraogo, Mevi Hova, Colette Moundiba, and Aminata Diallo, TESOL 2008.

  • “Ethnographic Research Methods for ESP Course Design.” Paper, TESOL 2004.

  • “Grammar, Pronunciation and Students’ Professional Success.” Demonstration with Dawn Turton, TESOL 2001.

  • “Designing Contract English Courses Step by Step.” Pre-convention Institute presented with Christine Tardy and Judith Gordon, TESOL 1999.

  • "The Language of Business Training Design." Workshop, TESOL 1998.

  • “Communicative Needs of Freshman Science Students.” Paper, TESOL 1994. 

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