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    This website houses information about my teaching and research (follow the tabs at the top of this page). On this first page, you will find my most current biographical description (to the right), links to my Academic Profiles and my most recently updated CV (see below).

    Please be in touch elizabeth.suter@du.edu or 303-871-4492 if you are interested in discussing research or if you are interested in studying at the graduate level at the University of Denver. I am currently recruiting graduate students to work with me. The Department of Communication Studies offers both an MA and PhD.  I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for visiting my pages!  

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    Elizabeth A. Suter, University of Denver Academia

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  • Dr. Suter earned her PhD in Communication Studies with a graduate minor in Women’s Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 

    Most recently, Dr. Suter crystalized Critical Interpersonal and Family Communication or CIFC. At its heart, CIFC calls for a centering on issues of power and praxis in contemporary studies of relationships and families. Dr. Suter has been mentoring graduate student theses and dissertations in the area of CIFC and currently offers graduate-level seminars in this area. To date, she has developed a seminar in Critical Interpersonal and Family Communication, a seminar on Relational Dialectics Theory 2.0, and its tandem critical discourse analytic method -- contrapuntal analysis.

    Dr. Suter’s topical areas of expertise focus on non-traditional relational forms and families, including but not limited to, lesbian co-mother families and adoptive families (with particular in-depth knowledge about transracial, internationally adoptive families and domestic U.S. foster-care adoptions).

    Along with Drs. Dawn O. Braithwaite and Kory Floyd, Dr. Suter is co-editor of the second edition of Engaging Theories of Family Communication just published by Routledge. Her most recent peer-reviewed journal articles can be found in Communication Theory and Communication Monographs. Moreover, she recently co-edited a special issue on Critical Approaches to Family Communication Research and Praxis in the Journal of Family Communication. She currently serves on the Editorial Boards of Communication Monographs, the Journal of Family Communication, Communication Quarterly, and the Southern Communication Journal. She is an officer for the Family Communication Division (FCD) of the National Communication Association (NCA), serving as program planner for FCD for the 2017 meeting of NCA to be held this November in Dallas, TX.

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