• Syllabus

    • Session #1 – Introduction to who else is in class and why you wanted to take this course. Polling and discussion. Share metrics for how to think about “slow travel” and understand why this concept has intrigued the instructor for years. Learn how class participants will be part of a research project and possible book proposal.


    • Session #2 –How to think about adjusting participants current travel plans. Instructor will share his travel experiences with stories and information on how to break patterns and adopt a more purposeful approach. Discussion in small groups.


    • Session #3 – Invited guests will share their travel approaches and we will encourage open thinking, Q&A and exchange. We will discuss different travel styles and approaches about how to get the most out of travel experiences. Discussion in small groups about what works for people in the class.


    • Session #4 – Wrap up and review of ideas and concepts. Discussion about how to make this concept more accessible to a broad audience and what impact it could have on travel, but also about how it could have a positive impact on humanity and on travel destinations. Large and small group discussion.

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