• Faculty Lecturer, Cuba

  • I served as faculty lecturer on an alumni tour of Cuba in 2015. We visited art markets, youth programs, and architural renovation in Havana, the Guevara Mausoleum in Santa Clara, an organic farm in Pinar del Río, and the ocean waves in Varadero. Here I stand in front of the University of Havana. Founded in 1728, it is the oldest university in Cuba and one of the earliest to be established in the Americas. 


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  • Chiapas: Experiential Research and Learning

  • Korbel Latin American Studies Assoc.

  • Korbel Latin American Studies Association (KLASA): I've had the good fortune to serve as advisor to the Korbel Latin American Studies Association (KLASA) since its founding in 2008. This student group has been energetic in bringing a wide range of speakers from Latin America to Korbel including journalists, diplomats, academics, social activists, and humorists. The group has also coordinated conferences on topics such as the drug war and NAFTA, facilitated community volunteer work, held career networking sessions, run video conferences with international organizations, and facilitated language learning through weekly Spanish and Portuguese "charlas". Here I join KLASA board members and then Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan, former Ambassador to the U.S. from Mexico.

  • Rocky Mountain Council for Latin Am'n Studies

  • From Chiapas to the Annual Meeting of the Rocky Mountain Council for Latin American Studies (RMCLAS): In April, we presented our research on mining contamination, community displacement, and the role of the PRI government in Mexico. With Prof. Lorena Gaibor and graduate students Victoria Watson-Nava and Amy Czulada at the conference in Salt Lake City.

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