• Approved Proposals - Post-Dec.2019

  • University College Healthcare Informatics Certificate and Degree

    Approved by the DLC 12/5/19

    Health Informatics DLC Proposal Form-12.5.19.doc

    DLC Program Review Rubric-HealthcareInformatics-12.5.19.doc

  • UCOL-DCB Joint MS in Supply Chain Management

    DLC Proposal Form-SupplyChainManagementMS (1).doc

    Approved by DLC 4/2/20

  • MCE ECSE Proposal

    Approved by the DLC 12/16/20


  • MCE ELPS Proposal

    Approved by the DLC 1/22/21

    ELPS Online MA.pdf

  • MCE RMS Proposal

    Approved 4.20.21

    DLC Program Review Rubric-MCE_RMS.doc

    RMS Proposal.v3.docx

  • Korbel MPP Proposal

    Approved 5.17.2021

    DLC Program Review Rubric -- MPP.docx

    MPP Proposal.docx

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