• Service to the Community

  • At the Law School, I am the John C. Dwan Professor for Online Learning.  In that role, I assist colleagues in helping them transition to a hybrid mode of teaching, particularly in response to Covid-19.

    For the University, I continue to serve on the Distance Learning Council (since 2008). In 2015, I served as a member of the Strategic Issues Panel on the Future of Higher Education.  I am currently serving on the Strategy and Opportunity Task Force, and the Steering Committee for the Task Forces, as well as the Law School's Fall Logistics Committee - all three deep in planning for the reopening of the University in Fall 2020.

    The University's Distance Learning Council (DLC) has a portfolio site here. The Strategic Issues Panel on the Future of Higher Education has a portfolio site here.

    For the AY 2008-2009, I served on the University Faculty Senate, as well as the Dean Search Committee for the law school. In AY 2010-11, I served on the Strategic Positioning group for Academic Technology (which had the unfortunate acronym of SPAT). You will find out more about that group's work here.

    In my field, I served as an elected member of the Board of the Legal Writing Institute from 2010 to 2014, and was Chair of the Teaching Grants Committee of the Association of Legal Writing Directors in 2013.  I have also served on the Awards Committee for the LWRR Section of the AALS.

    Outside of the University, I have served as a member of the Board and Executive Committee of Work Options for Women, a program that accepts women in poverty and teaches them life and job skills in the culinary industry. Visit their Website for more informaton.  I regularly volunteer at the St. Francis Center, a homeless shelter in downtown Denver.

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