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    I attended Columbia University in New York, and Vanderbilt Law School in Tennessee, where I served as Articles editor of the Law Review.  Before entering the academy, I practiced law for nearly 20 years, mostly in the area of complex litigation in federal courts around the country.  I started practice in a corporate and commercial law firm in New York, and after several years, went to the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, where I litigated evironmental civil claims on behalf of the EPA. I moved out to the mountains in 1990, where I worked for a large firm downtown. Feeling the entrepreneurial spirit, I worked at a small litigation boutique firm in LoDo in early 2000s. While practicing, I taught several courses at the law school as an adjunct professor.

    I moved to the law school full-time in 2003 to teach Lawyering Process during the fall and spring semesters. LP is a required full-year class for all first-year law students, and provides an introduction to the basic skills that all lawyers must have. I also teach other courses, including an upper-level course in Discovery law, and occasionally also teach a section of Administrative Law.

    The Discovery course is an upper-level elective that focuses on the law and procedure of the discovery period in litigation, where parties exchange information about their cases. I teach this course every spring semester.  Several years ago, I taught two courses online in the MSLA (Master of Science in Legal Administration) program. I am the author of Law School 2.0: Legal Education for a Digital Age (LexisNexis/Matthew Bender, 2009). 

    In the Fall of 2012, I had the honor of receiving the University's Distinguished Teaching Award. 

    In 2008, I was appointed the Director of the Lawyering Process Program at the SCOL. As director, I managed regular meetings and retreats, hiring and training of staff support, managed faculty teaching schedules, hiring and mentoring of new and visiting faculty, and worked to improve the visibility and reputation of the program.  During my tenure as Director, the program went from not being ranked to being ranked the 11th best legal writing program in the country (it is now ranked #7). After five years I stepped down as director to Chair the Experiential Learning Task Force, to help give shape and form to that important part of the law school curriculum. Since that effort is now established, the law school Dean appointed me to the John C. Dwan Professorship for Online Learning, where I am working to support the development of our online initiatives.

    Over the last several years, I have been called upon to serve the University in several roles that relate to my scholarly interest involving the changes that technology is bringing to higher education.  Since its founding by Jim Davis (former Dean of University college), I have served on the University's Distance Learning Council.  In 2012, I served on the Technology Futures Committee of the Board of Trustees. In 2014-15, I served on the Strategic Issues Panel for the Future of Higher Education. In 2014, I was served on the Steering Committee for the University's Strategic Planning process.  I am currently serving on the Chancellor's Strategy and Opportunities Task Force, and the Steering Committee for the Task Forces, as well as the Law School's Fall Logistics Committee.  More information about my service to the law school, the University, and the community can be found on the Service tab above.

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    John C. Dwan Professor for Online Learning

    Sturm College of Law

    Ricketson Law Building, 415G

    (303) 871-6467


    Twitter: @dicthomson

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