• We are pleased to announce that our GSSW- Denver Campus field internship sites may be eligible to participate in the University of Denver Student Employment Work-Study Program.


    What does this mean?  It means that your GSSW student intern may be able to get paid while completing their internship hours at your site! There is no cost to the agency- DU covers the student salary.


    The University of Denver Student Employment Work-Study Program provides job opportunities for student with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay educational expenses.  Not all students will be part of this program- only students that have been awarded and accepted a federal work-study award may be eligible to use their internship site as a work study site.


    Once you have confirmed a work-study eligible student as a GSSW intern in your agency, follow these steps:

    Step 1:  Complete this Form

    Step 2:  DU Work-Study Coordinator will approve or deny your request.  If denied, the Coordinator will explain why.

    Step 3:  If approved, you will receive an automated email with instructions and next steps, including how to “hire” a student.  The student will be an employee of DU, not the agency.


    The GSSW Internship and the DU Work-Study Program are  two distinct programs.  Your student may start their internship whether or not they are in the Work-Study program, and whether or not your agency has finalized approval for the Work-Study program.


    This is a huge benefit to our students, and is another way we can make graduate school more accessible and manageable for our students.  We encourage all eligible agencies to consider offering this option to our students.

    After reviewing the FAQ’s below, please let us know at field@du.edu if you have any additional questions about this program.

This portfolio last updated: 30-Apr-2021 9:57 AM