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    6 January 2014

    I spent the month of December adding all of the artifacts that were recorded in the field to an artifact database in Microsoft Access.  Additionally, I took photographs of each of the artifacts that our crew collected.  Those artifacts can be viewed here:

    Lab Photos


    A list that gives a short description of each photograph can be found below in the .pdf.  


    How to correlate the .pdf to the photograph:

    The file name of the photograph directly corresponds to the "LotNO" and "Sublot" column.  For example, photograph 4SE.18.1 (2) indicates that it is LotNo 4SE.18 and sublot 1.  The number within ( ) indicates what number photograph it is.  If there is no sublot number indicated in the artifact list, assume 1.  



  • Artifact List.pdf

  • Mapping

  • Artifact Distribution
    Artifact Distribution This is the artifact distribution in the three areas of each of the compounds we surveyed. In compound 4 notice how there is a greater concentration of artifacts on the west side. The long cement buildings are the mess halls and just to the south is the officer's club. This is where the greatest concentration of artifacts is found in the portion of Compound 4. In the American Compound, notice how the highest concentration is near the mess hall and officers quarters. Unlike the other two compounds, the mess hall in Compound 1, the German enlisted men's compound, has very little distribution of artifacts. The majority of the artifacts in this compound lie in the center. There are also quite a few near the large stone-lined feature and lavatory. Each of these artifacts were recorded with a Trimble GeoXH GPS unit with TerraSync Centimeter Edition, courtesy of the University of Denver Geography Department. Most artifacts have an accuracy of 5-15cm accuracy. The rest are within 30cm accuracy.
  • Mapping Reference

  • Compound 4
    Compound 4
  • American Compound
    American Compound
  • Compound 1
    Compound 1

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