Working with Dr. Sher

  • How to work with Dr. Sher (according to past graduate students): 1) In person is best, and E-mail is better than phone. Dr. Sher often multi-tasks when on the phone and is also prone to forget things that aren't written down. 2) Dr. Sher is extremely enthusiastic and may encourage you to take on too much (unless she suspects that you are prone to take on too much, in which case she will try to temper you). It is your responsibility to tell her what you think you can and cannot do- she doesn't know what you are capable of and would rather err on the side of pushing you too hard than not hard enough. 3) Tell Dr. Sher when you have a problem or question. As soon as possible is best. She's generally very sympathetic and wants to help, but will have less of both if you wait too long to tell her about it. 4) Provide deadlines. Both for you and for Dr. Sher (for example, by when you need something looked at). Don't be afraid to nag her. (University)

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