• Biographical Description

  • Research Interests:

    • Teacher preparation 
    • Teacher evaluation
    • Culturally relevant pedagogy
    • College access, readiness, and success for Latina/o students

    Professional Bio:

    Dr. Maria del Carmen Salazar’s research and scholarship are grounded in notions of educational equity. Salazar has authored numerous publications on humanizing pedagogy, equitable and effective teaching, culturally responsive teaching, and college access and success for Latina/o students. She has given over 100 scholarly presentations, and 25 national and international keynote presentations on her research areas. To date, she has presented her research and scholarship in 29 U.S. states and 5 countries. In addition, she is the lead author of a widely circulated policy document titled, "The State of Latinos 2008: Defining an Agenda for the Future." This document was presented to members of the U.S. Congress in 2008. Dr. Salazar served on the Colorado Quality Teachers Commission. Dr. Salazar also served on the Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC), a national collaborative to revise model content standards and develop learning progressions for teacher licensure, assessment, and development. She was a key contributor in the development of the 2011 InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards and 2013 Learning Progressions. She currently serves on the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) Board of Directors. 


    Current Projects:

    • Book on teacher evaluation as culture
    • Research on culturally responsive teacher evaluation
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  • Dr. Maria Salazar Keynote: "The InTASC Teaching Standards: Re-Profes-sionalizing Teaching" (full video)
  • InTASC Learning Progressions Drafting Committee (video excerpt)

  • Dr. Maria Salazar Explains Her Sink-or-Swim "Submersion Experience" (video excerpt)
  • InTASC Model Core Teacher Standards: A Resource for State Dialogue (Video)


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