• Background Information

  • Jess is a New England native living in the Rocky Mountains with her fiancé, their Bernese Mountain dog, and two black cats. Her academic journey began at Asnuntuck Community College (ACC). She began her studies with a love of grammar and literature, setting her sights on becoming a copy editor. However, after taking several psychology classes with Dr. Jean Egan, she decided that she also wanted to pursue psychology, and her search for universities that would allow her to transfer as double-major began.

    Jess transferred to the University of Denver (DU) after obtaining her Associate's of General Studies from ACC. She is a a first-generation college graduate, and getting to that place was no small step. Her journey has a very "no shoes, in the snow, uphill, both ways" ring to it, and while she recognizes it can be amusing anecdotally, she implores that people coming from low socio-economic areas need more support. Moreover, she seeks to remind that her white privledge allowed her to open doors that may have been systematically heavied or locked for someone else. Jess seeks to use her platform to elevate marginalized voices.

  • Get in Touch

  • Email: Jessica.Gerbutovich@hotmail.com

    LinkedIn: Jess Gerbutovich

  • Interests

  • Psychology---                        English---

    Deception detection               European/American Gothic literature

    Sexual offenders                    Metaphor & Imagery

    Domestic violence                 Alliteration

    Harm reduction                     Non-Fiction Feminist Memoirs

    Victim advocacy                    Oxymoron

    Personality theory                 Juxtaposition

    Personal---                           Current Reading List---

    Oddities                                Quiet: The Power of Introverts..., Susan Cain

    Fire performance                  Without Conscience, Robert D. Hare         

    Singing                                 The Man Who Mistook His Wife..., Oliver Sacks


    Vintage style


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