• Hello! My name is Jake, thanks for stopping by.

    I am a graduate student at the University of Denver studying Communications Management, with a focus on Marketing Communications. I am pursuing this degree because I am passionate about connection, about developing stories to build bridges, open minds, and further innovation. As an alumni of DU, I am looking to take my bachelors in Emergent Digial Practices and Marketing to the next level.

    I work as an Engagment Marketing Associate at Guild Education. I help working adults to unlock their potential through education and upskilling. I love what I do. In the past, I have worked in education coaching, email marketing enablement, content strategy, content management, graphic design, copywriting, and sales. And thanks to all of those experiences I am lucky to bring unique perspective to what I do. 

    When I am not on the clock or in class, I spend my time outside. I live in Colorado and enjoy time in the parks, trails, lakes, and rivers that make up my colorful state. I'm a lover of good food, good beer, good folks, and great dogs, so you can find me at shows and breweries all across the Foothills. 

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