• Coursework

  • Northern Arizona University

    Courses that have developed my educational paradigm to date:


    INT 340 Psychology of Terrorism (Fall, 2016)

    ES 356 Race Power and Politics (Fall, 2016)

    CCJ 355 Research Methods in Criminal Justice (Fall, 2016)

    CCJ 480C Human Rights and Justice (Spring, 2016)

    PSY 499 Psychology of Decision Making (Spring 2016)

    PSY 378 Positive Psychology (Fall 2015)

    CCJ 499 Investigating Wrongful Convictions (Fall, 2015)

    CCJ 390 Criminal Investigation (Fall, 2015)

    PSY 411 Conservation Psychology (Spring 2015)

    SOC 301 Contemporary Social Issues: Drugs, Alcohol & Society (Fall 2014)


  • Graduate

    CPSY 4000 Issues in Forensic Psychology I

    CPSY 4010 Introduction to Statistics

    CPSY 4020 Clinical Interviewing & Theories of Psychotherapy

    CPSY 4030 Psychopathology & Diagnosis

    CPSY 4200 Practicum I

  • Goals

  • Having been accepted to University of Denver's Master Program for Clinical Forensic Psychology was a dream come true. Throughout my life and educational career I have dedicated myself to promoting awareness of social justice issues. My experience has helped me to understand the true importance of applying social justice based treatment and methods in dealing withunderserved forensic populations. I hope to continue the development of a highly specialized set here at DU that will allow me to help both individuals and societies better understanding the concerns regarding mental health, substance use, and criminality.

  • Resume/Vitae

  • E D U C A T I O N

    • Master’s Program in Forensic Psychology | University of Denver | Fall 2017 - Present
    • Bachelor of Science in Criminology & Criminal Justice Magna Cum Laude | Northern Arizona University, 2016


    P R O F E S S I O N A L   ­E X P E R I E N C E


    Court Coordinator | 18th Judicial Problem Solving Courts - Centennial, CO | Intern | October 2017 - Present

    Observe the function of court coordinators during both case staffings and court docket. Take notes on relevant information regarding clients progress towards completion of progeram, as well as documenting sanctions and incentives given throughout program. Assist clients in obtaining basic needs (medicare, ID's, employment, housing etc.) Set up clients with Intellectual and developmental delays with ID/DD service providers to help provide stabalization for client upon completion of program.

    Store Manager | Pacific Sunwear - Broomfield, CO | Full-Time | February 2016 – Present

    Responsible for overseeing daily business operations such as recruiting and hiring staff, budgeting payroll, creating displays, setting sales targets and actively coaching the management and sales teams. Maintained a high employee retention rate and have exponentially increased company sales ten percent above company goal.

    Behavioral Health Technician | Northern Arizona Substance Abuse Services | Part-Time | August 2014 – January 2017

    Observed the process of individual assessments based on Arizona Department of Health. Shadowed head counselor in assessing individual’s potential for drug or alcohol abuse and determined level of necessary treatment. Booked client assessments and counseling as well as submitted and filed compliance reports to varying courts, probation and parole officers along with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

    Student Investigator | Arizona Innocence Project | Part-Time Internship | Academic Year 2015 - 2016

    Conducted investigations into criminal cases of alleged wrongful conviction. Collaborated with peers in analyzing case files and police records to determine sources of error in criminal proceedings. Develop strategies for legal avenues of exoneration. Conducted legal research and client/witness interviews as an avenue for discovering new and relevant evidence. Inventoried all case materials and created concise, detailed memos establishing a factual basis for the belief of innocence or guilt.


     R E S E A R C H  &  L E A D E R S H I P  E X P E R I E N C E

    President – Social Justice in Action Club | Northern Arizona University | Fall 2015 - Fall 2016

    Established and coordinated the club agenda for the semester. Offered open discussion to address issues regarding social justice on campus and within the community. Organized and actively participated in club activities and such as an education awareness protesting mass incarceration around campus.

    Undergraduate Research | Northern Arizona University/Psychology Department | Spring 2015

    Member of the Social Cognitive Electrophysiology (SCE) lab assisting fellow student researchers with on-going Electrocenphalography (EEG) research focusing on mirror neuron systems in the brain in regards to self, versus other recognition processes. Assisted peers in completing Beta analysis of research results using for studies being presented at the American Psychological Association conference.

    Undergraduate Research | Northern Arizona University/Criminology Department | Spring 2015

    Assisted Dr. Rebecca Maniglia in her research on children of incarcerated parents and began the outline of a web-site intended to allow families of incarcerated individuals to both connect with other families going through the same hardships as well as gain information about Arizona penal systems and how to properly navigate them.

    Grass Roots Youth Mentor | Kinsey Elementary School | Spring 2013

    Volunteered to work with kindergarten aged students in coaching and encouraging public achievement through teaching diversity. Developed child friendly curriculum addressing issues of diversity within the classroom. Taught ethnically and culturally diverse group young students to recognize and respect both the differences and similarities amongst one another.


    S K I L L S

    • Research and Analytic Experience in both qualitative and quantitative settings.
    • Strong Written and Verbal Communication developed through educational coursework and professional settings.
    • Critical Thinking and Deadline Success developed through working with Arizona Innocence Project.
    • Leadership and mentorship skills developed through a variety of volunteer and work experience.
    • Perseverance and Tenacity achieved through rigorous dedication to coursework and desire for higher education.
    • Business Acumen and Management Experience through working as Store Manager in multiple companies throughout my undergraduate.
    • Proficient with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MatLab.


    R E F E R E N C E S:

    Robert Lovett | Head Counselor at Northern Arizona Substance Abuse Services | P: 928-773-9376

    Dr. Robert Schehr | Associate Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice Northern Arizona University | P: 928.523.9979

    Colleen Maring | Attorney at Law Aspey Watkins & Diesel PLLC |

    P: 800-774-1478

    Dr. Rebecca Maniglia | Associate Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice Northern Arizona University |

    P: 928-523-6652






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