• Career Resources

  • Navigating your career contains twists and turns.  It includes navigating obstacles & roadblocks while appreciating stops along the way.  Career Services is here to help you plan your career itinerary and help you reach your destination.

    Take an active role in your career development with the GSSW Career Development Tracker 

  • Throughout your time at GSSW you will hone your skills and expertise in a certain concentration area.  Destination:  Career Snapshots provide background in translating your academic experiences into a career path and begin to strategize your post-graduation job search.

  • Resources to Map Out Your Career Path

    Align Your Career  Brainstorming Worksheet

    Imagine PhD - A free career exploration and planning tool specifically designed for Humanities and Social Sciences.     Go to ImaginePhD

    Zippia - A free career exploration tool to look at traditional social work career paths.   Go to Zippia

  • Identity-Based Career Resources is a growing list of resources that can be utilized by students & graduates that identify with a specific identity and/or intersecting identities as they work through their job search process & beyond. 

    As the GSSW Career Service Office connects with additional resources & tools they will be added.  If you have insight into an additional resource that has been helpful to you, we would appreciate you sharing this with gssw.careers@du.edu so that it can be promoted to all GSSW students & graduates.

    GSSW Career Services welcomes any feedback that you have on this resource. Please reach out to gssw.careers@du.edu or stop by the GSSW Career Services Office in person.


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