• General Information

  • MSW Enrollment Guide

    The MSW Enrollment Guide is your primary source of information, and provides resources regarding: 

      • Tuition
      • Financial Aid and FAFSA
      • Student life
      • Student Career Services
      • Advising 
      • And more!

    GSSW Admitted Student Resource Portal

    The GSSW Admitted Student Reource Portal offers supplemental information that is not contained in the MSW Enrollment Guide. Please consult this resource as often as needed.

    GSSW Student Resource Portal 

    This is a 24/7, self-service resource for students. While the GSSW Student Resource Portal is designed primarily for current GSSW students (and only some of the content is applicable to incoming students), you will find a wealth of information that is worth familiarizing yourself with now, as you prepare to start your journey at GSSW. 

    As soon as you deposit you will recieve an email from Field@du.edu inviting you to begin your internship search process by attending a mandatory field information session.  You will recieve emails and other correspondence guiding you through the process, the steps listed below are for your reference. 


    1. Schedule and attend a mandatory field information session*
    2. Schedule appointment with Field Coordinator 
    3. Meet with Field Coordinator to receive agency referrals
    4. Contact Agencies for interviews
    5. Accept or decline internship offers from agencies
    6. Complete Field Confirmation Form (FCF)


    Documents for Incoming Students: The following documents are delivered to you via email as they become relevant throughout the search process.  We have posted them here as well for easy access.

          Readiness for field self-assessment worksheet

          Internship Search Packet - Foundation

          Internship Search Packet - Advanced Standing

          Focus of Practice Internship Settings

          Field Advising Assistance Form


    Field Advising: Incoming students will receive dates for online field advising sessions via email.

    We recognize that many students have not yet arrived in the Denver area, and we offer virtual Academic Question and Answer Sessions monthly. The sessions are offered on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, from 1pm-2pm MT (remember to check your time zone, this is Denver, CO time). 

    You will need to RSVP for the Q & A sessions, and are welcome to attend more than one, if you have different questions earlier and later in your planning process. Refer to the enrollment guide to submit an RSVP for one of the sessions: MSW Enrollment Guide.


    The Academic Planning Q & A sessions slides are available for your review:


    The  New Student Advising Guide is an introduction to your MSW program.  Choose the guide for your cohort below.    

    • 2021-2022 Advanced Standing First Quarter Advising Courses
      • Advanced Standing students generally take 3 required courses and have the choice of one concentration required or elective course during the first quarter.
    • 2021-2022 Denver Campus 2 Year Program Advising Guide
      • Two-year students follow the course plan for foundation curriculum which includes all required foundation courses and there will be choice of the time and day, but these required courses need to be completed prior to moving into concentration curriculum, generally in the 3rd quarter of the program. 


    For an Overview of Denver Campus MSW Program Requirements:


    Are you contemplating which concentration you want to choose? Investigate career options by category and explore the Career Destinations information on the GSSW Student Resource Portal:


    For your first quarter only, you will recieve registration information at the email you provided during your admission process.  All future communications will go to your DU email address. Registration generally occurs before orientation.

    For specific registration instructions go to the MSW Enrollment Guide.

    Registration Dates:

    • Summer Quarter 2021: Registration Opened April 7. 2021
    • Fall Quarrter 2021: Registration Opens July 26, 2021
    • Winter Quarter 2022: TBD

    As outlined in the MSW Enrollment Guide, inforamtion about how to register are accessible via the registration FAQs.

    For specific registration instructions that were emailed on July 14, 2021, please see these registration recommendations: 

    Fall 2021 Registration Information for Advanced Standing Students.docx

    Fall 2021 Registration Information for 2 Year Program Students.docx

    Please know that we share your concerns of COVID-19 in Colorado and across the country. All decisions about current campus access are related to the COVID response level that is guided by the Colorado Department of Public Health, the City and County of Denver, and communicated on the DU COVID Website.  
    Access to in-person classes on campus will depend on the DU Alert Level, at that time, so it is hard to predict what will be possible. This will be a DU-level decision. Additionally, it is important to note, that these levels could potentially change throughout any given quarter. You will be notified by central DU first, if any change is made to  upcoming Quarter plans.  

    • Campus COVID-19 protocols are changing, effective Monday, June 14. For the most up to date information please continue to monitor COVID -19 DU
    • Vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals must follow separate requirements to return to campus.

    Access-to-campus requirements are outlined in a checklist below:

    Fully Vaccinated Individuals 

    1. As soon as possible (at minimum, one week before your expected first day on campus), upload your proof of vaccination card to MyHealth, found on the Health and Counseling Center website. You are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after your final dose. Please plan accordingly.
    2. Receive a negative COVID-19 test result on or before your first day on campus at the on-campus testing locations, which are accessible to individuals with or without campus clearance. Saliva-based PCR testing is available without an appointment. Uploaded records of negative nasal swab PCR tests from outside providers will also be accepted. 
    3. You can be on-campus once your campus access status reads ‘Cleared’ on PioneerWeb. Allow a few days after submitting your negative test and proof of vaccination. 
    4. Continue to monitor yourself for COVID-19 symptoms; if you have symptoms, promptly test.

    Not Fully Vaccinated or Unvaccinated Individuals 

    1. Indicate the date you intend to be on campus through the COVID-19 Vaccination Portal on PioneerWeb.
    2. Please plan to be vaccinated and upload your vaccine record before your planned start date. Until full vaccination (two weeks following your final dose), please follow all requirements for not fully vaccinated individuals. If you would like to request a COVID-19 vaccine exemption, as soon as possible (at minimum, one week before your expected first day on campus), upload your vaccination exemption request to MyHealth, found on the Health and Counseling Center website.
    3. Within 48 hours before your expected first day, receive a negative PCR COVID-19 test result at the on-campus testing locations, which are accessible to individuals with or without campus clearance. Saliva-based PCR testing is available without an appointment. Uploaded records of negative nasal swab PCR tests from outside providers will also be accepted.
    4. Quarantine for seven days, logging daily on the quarantine log on PioneerWeb.
    5. You are required to continue to wear a mask on campus and suggested to maintain social distancing wherever feasible.
    6. Continue to monitor yourself for COVID-19 symptoms and complete the daily log on the Symptom Daily Tracker on Pioneerweb. Everbridge may still be used through the middle of August for symptom tracking if you prefer. 

    Not required for summer or fall 2021 entry 

    • The Pathway Back to Campus Canvas course
    • Flu vaccination for summer or fall entry; when new flu vaccines become available, we anticipate a flu vaccine requirement.
    • Electronic contract tracing or symptom monitoring via the Everbridge application
  • Setting Up Your Technology

  • We strongly encourage you to consider your technological readiness for school and for field placements in advance. Check out the resources available to you as a DU student, by visiting the University of Denver IT Student Resources page.


    Most of our online information sessions and meetings will be held via Zoom, a cloud-based video communications service that offers the ability to host meetings via computer, mobile, or tablet.  All DU students have access to this service at no additional cost! 


    The online learning management system used on the Denver Campus is Canvas. All DU records and official information on your schedule, your transcript, and personal profile are accessed through PioneerWeb. You can set up Canvas and PioneerWeb to work on your computer or laptop, and on your smart phone. Many students report that using the the apps for these programs, as well as bookmarking Canvas and PioneerWeb in their browsers, helps them feel ready when school starts. 

  • Orientation

  • All Denver Campus New Student Orientations will be held virtually during Academic Year 2021-2022, with expectations of some advance preparation and asynchronous work.

    Fall 2021 Quarter Kick-off events for GSSW may be in-person and are optional. Orientation information will be sent to the email you provided during your admission process, about one month in advance. Orientation dates are as follows:


    • Fall Quarter 2021: Thursday, September 09, 2021 to Friday, September 10, 2021 
    • Winter Quarter 2022: TBD


  • Summer 2021 Admits (Advanced Standing)

    NEW! Click here for complete details, including the schedule of live sessions with zoom links, for Advanced Standing Summer 2021 Orientation

  • DU ID Card

  • In order to obtain a DU ID card (which is required to access campus buildings, including classes), you must submit an online photo. If done in advance, you may elect to have your DU ID card mailed to a preferred address by emailing pcard@du.edu. Please include your full name, mailing address, DU ID number, date of birth in the email request. Otherwise, you can collect your card from the DU ID Card office at the beginning of your first quarter, once you are cleared to be on campus.

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